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September 11, 2010

Standard Singer/Songwriter. Not So Standard Song About Dan Aykroyd and Ghostbusters.

Posted by on Sep 11, 2010

Singer/Songwriter Strand of Oaks has put out a song on his new album, which by the instrumentation and vocals is much akin to something Bon Iver or Sufjan Stevens would have done.  But the lyrics are what make this song awesome and nerdy.  He narrates from the point of view of a depressed Dan Aykroyd, dealing with the recent death of Jon Belushi and considering doing a “ghost flick” with a “young kid named Murray.”  Sounds like it’d be corny, but it’s actually very emotionally affecting and original.

Get the song and more deets after the jump.

Strand of Oaks’ new album, Pope Killdragon, came out over the summer, and with it came Daniel’s Blues, a song which starts out with a hung-over Dan Aykroyd awakening to find himself in bed with his Blues Brothers get-up half still on and half strewn about the room.  He wants to talk to someone about his depression, but, as the song goes, “Chevy’s an ass, and Gilda’s got a cold.”  Normally he would turn to Jon Belushi, because he was the guy who could always make you feel better by making you laugh.  But obviously, that’s not possible anymore.  Strand of Oaks really captures that feeling of losing your go-to friend, the person you keep wanting to turn to about their own death.  It’s heavy stuff.

The song is obviously nerdy in the way that it presents Ghostbusters as the work into which Aykroyd throws himself to deal with his grief.  However, the song is also a ballad, and I’ll just say this: the story sucks you in, and it’s a good story, too.  There are a few other nerd-worthy songs on the album, but this track stands out.