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September 12, 2010


Throwdown: Is This “Okay”?

Posted by on Sep 12, 2010
Hipster Hitler

So I honestly had trouble deciding this one, which is why I opted to put it to you, the discerning and refined readers of NNAR.   A brand-new webcomic caught my attention a few days ago, and then moments later left me dumbstruck and uncertain of whether I should laugh or be seriously disgusted.  Said controversial comic?  Hipster Hitler.  Get the link and the debate after the jump.

The first installment of the series solidly sets the tone and the structure for the rest of the site.  I do have to say that the use of Hipster Hitler’s t-shirt as a reveal and an added punchline in the final frame of many of the strips is fairly clever and well done.  But at the same time, you have to ask yourself: is this really okay?  Do jokes about the Holocaust and genocide in general still work?  Is this still funny, or is it just plain offensive?

Now, I want to clarify something.  In no way am I or is Nerd News And Reviews as a group condoning censorship.  That isn’t even the question I’m trying to pose.  What I want to know is if these strips are too offensive to the point where they are no longer funny.  It’s the funny I care about, not whether the content is permissible or not.

Here’s what I decided: any offensive material (and let’s be frank, there’s a lot of it) gets overwhelmed by the sheer absurdity of the strip.  Any time the strip even comes close to treating Hitler and Nazism too lightly, it comes back with some wickedly sharp mockery of the subject matter.  I will say that some of the t-shirts in the strip might not be a great idea as a purchase (although all of them are available): things like “Eastside Westside Genocide” and “Mix Master Race” probably don’t work out of context.  But in the end, Hipster Hitler dismissing Goebbels’ doubts about invading Azerbaijan instead of Poland because he’s “probably never even heard of it” is too hilarious to deny.  Also, making fun of hipsters is both fun and necessary.  If they take themselves too seriously, they might not be ironic anymore.

What say you, O Nerds of the Round Table?  Funny or foul?  Comic or crass?  Both?

  • Wade

    My opinion: This is hilarious. Anything that makes fun of hipsters and makes Hitler look like a ridiculous person in one fell swoop is OK in my book.

  • Chris

    I think you hit the nail on the head about the absurdity. It’s hard to get irate about Hitler depictions when he’s wearing a shirt that saids “I Like Juice” and sucking down a juice box.

    • Wade

      Dude, spoilers! :-)

      • Chris

        A post by Spoiler Boy wouldn’t be complete without spoilers… Just maintaining some standards around here

        • Third

          Dangit! I’ve been good about that! Am I never going to live that down?

          • Tom


  • Tom

    There’s definitely something to be said about the strength of humor as a weapon against those who espouse hate and intolerance…

  • Matt Barbot

    This is hilarious, and if you don’t like it then the terrorists have won.