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September 19, 2010


The Various Incarnations of The Indie Bundle

Posted by on Sep 19, 2010

Are you sick of SecuROM?  Do you dread DRM?  Do you want to buy some great games at ridiculously low prices and, in doing so, support indie video game making?  Put your money where your mouth is and hit the jump.

Head on over to The Indie Bundle and check out The Summer-of-Love Bundle and The Indie Love Bundle.  Each contain six different indie games at a fraction of their usual price.  Like them all?  Go for The Mega-Love Bundle: twelve games for only $29.99.  That’s less than $2.50 per game, with these same games averaging around $10 on Steam.  Even if you only spend half an hour playing each, you’re still spending less moneys per minute than you would for a movie ticket.  But let’s get serious, you’ll probably spend a whole lot more than half an hour on each.

Headlined by Cipher Prime’s amazing Auditorium, these games are all notables and award winners.  And the variety is incredible.  Platformers?  Check.  Puzzle games?  Check.  Shooters?  Check.  There’s even an Aztec warrior RPG.  Sun God paper doll FTW.

Any games you don’t want or already have, you can gift to friends.  And, once you purchase a bundle, these games are yours DRM-free and clear.  Many of these games have demos available if you want to test drive, but the sale only lasts until Wednesday, so don’t wait too long to make up your mind.  If (like me) you choose wisely, let me know which games you’re playing and what you think.  There are twelve of them, I can’t play them all at once.

  • You always find the best indie/small publisher games. Currently enjoying Kings Bounty, even if it’s buggy as shit.

  • Good call on the Auditorium screenshot. Next time I see you I need to show you I need to show you the iPhone version. So great.

    • Tom

      It was hella hard just to beat the demo. I’m pumped to be sonically slapped by the later levels.

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