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September 22, 2010


A BioShocking Way to Start Your Day

Posted by on Sep 22, 2010

Literally the first thing I did this morning was go online, and subsequently watch the gameplay trailer for Bioshock: Infinite.  What a wonderful way to start your day.

Get the trailer after the jump.

The emphasis on establishing the mood and time period of the environment is just as strong as it was in the previous BioShock games, but it is quite the different environment.

Sniper rifles?  Always okay with me.  Levitating and tossing objects?  While the idea is clearly snagged from Star Wars and HalfLife’s gravity gun, it is still an engaging game mechanic, and if it is implemented as well in the game as it is in the trailer, I really don’t care where the idea comes from as long as I can stop artillery shells mid-air and toss them back at cannons.  Genetic splicing powers that allow you to control animals in murderous ways?  The bees from the previous games got me hooked, so the flock of crows out of Alfred Hitchcock’s nightmares was a welcome innovation on a great idea.  Speaking of hooks, that method of traveling along the tramway system with a hook coming out of your arm looks absolutely amazing.  If it’s as fluid in real gameplay as it is in the trailer, that will have me playing BioShock: Infinite, well, infinitely.  I am now well and truly excited for the arrival of this game.  The only problem: it won’t be released until sometime in 2012.

  • I admit I missed Bioshock 2, but when did we lose the concept of Rapture? It’s a little weird to see this set outside, with floating islands.

    • Third

      If by “a little weird” you mean “mind-blowingly awesome,” then yes, I agree. Also, I think that Rapture was great, but I’m glad they moved on to something else. Especially since that something else appears to be an equally innovative concept.

      • I will only concede that point if they link it to the dystopian origin of Rapture somehow. Otherwise they’re just taking the concept of genetic splicing and trying to cross sell without connecting the dots.

        • Third

          Which point, exactly? I count three possible points to which you could be referring. Also: are you saying you’re not genuinely excited but, in fact, disappointed by the trailers so far?

          • Im referring to conceding the “mindblowingly awesome” point. It’s not that I’m disappointed by the trailers, but I clearly missed something somewhere.

            If the situation that occurred in Rapture was the result of a brilliant but crazy guy setting up a private utopia under the sea, how did we get to floating islands? I’m concerned that we lose some of the idea that what happened in Rapture was unique, that it was it’s own parallel reality. That someone could create that for themselves (the idea, not the result) is a whole lot less appealing if the whole world did it.