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September 28, 2010

Teaser for Coen Bros.’ True Grit

Posted by on Sep 28, 2010

Since we’ve discussed both the cowboy archetype and remakes already here at NNAR, it seems appropriate that the trailer for the Coen Brothers’ remake of the John Wayne 1969 classic True Grit should hit right about now.  Check out the trailer and my thoughts after the jump.

So apparently it’s become trendy to have girls’ choirs singing in your trailer.  That said, the hymn in the trailer sounds amazing, and Hailee Steinfeld looks like she could give one of those “new IT girl” performances.  Jeff Bridges as a disheveled individual has worked in the past, and I can definitely see him channeling the Duke quite well.  Matt Damon as the Texas Ranger trying to beat Cogburn to catch Mattie Ross’ father’s killer seems pretty perfect: he always strikes me as the guy who’s just a little too nice to like, so rooting against him despite his noble intentions could be very easy.  Josh Brolin can do no wrong in westerns (as long as you don’t count Jonah Hex as a western), so I’m glad the Coen Brothers brought him back after No Country for Old Men.

Besides the cast, this movie just looks really pretty, and seems to be striking a tone perfect for such a stark revenge tale.