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October 27, 2010


The Third Batman Film Will Be Called “The Dark Knight Rises”

Posted by on Oct 27, 2010

While I loved Inception and how it messed with my mind-hole, perhaps my favorite thing about the movie was that its release meant that Christopher Nolan was finally done with it and could move on to make the next movie in his epic Batman franchise.  In pursuit of that goal, he announced in an interview today that the title for the film will be “The Dark Knight Rises.”  Nolan also confirmed that we will not be seeing Edward Nigma or The Riddler in this newest installment.  Hit the jump for a summary of everything I know right now.

  • The film will be called “The Dark Knight Rises”
  • It will have neither The Riddler nor Mr. Freeze as villains
  • Like the first two, it is being written by Christopher Nolan and his brother Jonah
  • The film will not be shot or post-converted to 3D
  • They will be shooting in IMAX, just like for the Dark Knight (trust me, you will want to see this on a real IMAX screen)
  • Release will be in 2012 (Summer, I’m guessing)

So that’s all I have.  Let me know what you think of this latest news. Do you like the new title? Have a better suggestion?

  • Tom

    Seeing TDK in IMAX opening night with you guys is probably my greatest theater-going experience ever. Ridiculous cab ride and all.

    While I had hoped that we would see some other Batman moniker in the title to keep the theme going (e.g. Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Caped Crusader), I’ve learned better than to ever doubt Christopher Nolan.

    Re: villain selection, I’m actually somewhat relieved that we won’t be getting The Riddler. Again, I wasn’t going to doubt the creative team should he have been picked, but I can think of others I’d rather see. Like Black Mask. Also, let us not forget that Zsasz made an appearance in Batman Begins. Not only does Dawes mention him by name, but he is shown escaping from Arkham. And, one of the viral websites for TDK listed him as still at large. AND (cue fanboy conjecture) it does seem a little strange that Christopher Nolan used Tim Booth (a not un-famouse British stage performer and musician) for what basically amounts to a 10 second cameo. Mayhaps he was planting the seeds for this third entry.

    • Yeah, I agree with you about the Riddler not being my first pick for a villain. I think the way the Nolanverse has worked in the past, the necessary translation would either bring him too close to the Joker or else into a less compelling place as a character.

      I think a Villain like Zsasz would be awesome as well, and the point you make about Tim Booth in Begins is interesting. Another thought to consider is that Bats is now without any sort of love interest. While that isn’t a problem in itself, it does open the door for Selina Kyle’s Catwoman nicely. Plus Lucius Fox has already made the joke about the armor being effective against cats.

    • +5 to the best movie going experience ever…

  • Tom

    And no 3D FTFW.

    • Yeah, Chris Nolan is very much in the anti-3D camp, which I think is awesome. As he has said in the past though, as he moves past the Batman films, the studios will likely put too much pressure on him to make 3D films and he will have to cave eventually. Just like James Cameron, however, I think we can safely say that if he’s going to do it, he’s going to do it correctly. He will shoot in 3D from the start and there will be no post-conversion process. He won’t be gimmicky with it, and it will be good.

      But I’m glad we get to learn about that after Batman 3.

      • Thank god… There’s nothing I find more irritating than 3D used solely as a
        money grab. Wade, what was that movie you were just telling me about that
        they decided not to retrofit for 3D from 3 weeks out? Was it Harry Potter?

        • Yeah, they just announced that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 will not be converted to 3D. The powers that be decided that there was not enough time to do a conversion that would be any good before the November 19th release date. Thank the lord.

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