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November 8, 2010

Comic Con 2011 Tickets… Still Not On Sale

Posted by on Nov 8, 2010
Comic Con

Apparently you can’t get your ticketing system to work properly, even if you have all of the stormtroopers in the United States.  ComicCon 2011 tickets were supposed to go on sale November 1st, and the demand promptly crashed their servers.  They rescheduled the ticket sales to resume today, but apparently identified a Wookie in the wiring, and have had to reschedule again.  ComicCon 2011 sales will begin again at 6:00 am PST on November 22nd, and tickets can be purchased here.

Since I can’t tell you to go buy tickets yet, let me tell you why you should.About a year and a half ago, Wade and I took a road trip to New York Comic Con, where we met up with Third – it was a NNAR gathering the likes of which has never been seen.  Now, let me note that NYCC is generally regarded as a mere shadow of the grandiosity and excellence of the San Diego Comic Con.  Yet despite it’s purported inferiority, we had a blast, wandering around the exhibit hall checking out all of the cool comics you knew about, and all of the ones you didn’t know about.  Not only that, but there are video game demos as well – it’s like a nerd wet dream (The countless girls dressed as Princess Leia in the Jabba’s Palace bikini don’t hurt on that front either).

I saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine (the game) long before it ever came out.  Where?  Comic Con.  I have a signed copy of one of Tycho and Gabe‘s wonderful comic books from, you guessed it, NYCC.  I even spent a day hanging out with Carlos Ferro, the guy who voiced Dominic Santiago in Gears of War, and have a copy of the first issue of the Gears of War comic, signed by Ferro.  That’s like a slam dunk for nerds.

So if you’re a real nerd, and you can get to Comic Con 2011 in San Diego, buy your tickets next week.  You won’t regret it, although you might feel wholly inadequate when General Kota walks past you….