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December 19, 2010


The Mario Bros. Movie That Should Have Been

Posted by on Dec 19, 2010

Though neither a critical nor a commercial success, I still have pretty fond memories of 1993’s Super Mario Bros.  Of course, I haven’t revisited the film since 1993, and I probably won’t (I don’t need to ruin my own childhood, I have George Lucas to do that for me).  Now, The Game Station has brought us what is easily the most epic iteration of everyone’s favorite Italian plumbers ever: The Brothers Mario.  Think Heat meets Bad Boys (or Dos Policías Rebeldes as it’s known in Spain) in the Mushroom Kingdom.  Nintendo needs to make this either A) a movie, B) a Wii game,  or (preferably) C) all of the above.  Hit the jump for the trailer.

And Michael K. Williams for Toad.

  • There are no words. Except for “Awesome”