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January 24, 2011


Catwoman and Bane in “The Dark Knight Rises”

Posted by on Jan 24, 2011

After years of rumors and speculation, the supporting cast/villains of the third Nolan Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, were announced recently.  Anne Hathaway will play Selina Kyle/Catwoman and Tom Hardy will play Bane.  I’m not crazy about Hathaway, but Catwoman is an obvious choice for the tone of these movies, and I’ve learned better than to doubt Nolan’s casting choices.  That said, while Hardy was one of the best parts of the incredible Inception, I have my reservations about Bane.  Bane’s “power” stems from his use/abuse of the super steroid “Venom” which (in many depictions of the character) causes him to instantly grow to several times his usual size.  Think the Hulk’s transformation, and you’re on the right track.  Unless Nolan and company diverge significantly from traditional depictions of the character, I think Bane will have a hard time fitting into the “realistic” tone that has been carefully constructed over the previous two films.  Here’s hoping I’m wrong.

What do you guys think?

  • Anonymous

    I’m less concerned about Anne Hathaway – I think she can pull off the dark/sexy tone of the Nolan trilogy. Some of her lesser known work (Rachel Getting Married comes to mind) is very impressive.
    I think you’re right that Tom Hardy as Bane is a stretch. Unless there’s some serious CGI (which doesn’t seem likely with Nolan), I don’t quite buy it. But I have more faith in Nolan than most directors, so here’s hoping. Obviously, I’ll see it regardless.

  • Wade

    I definitely agree with the inclusion of Catwoman/Kyle in this newest iteration, as it makes perfect sense going forward and really fits into the feel Nolan has developed so far. I actually like Hathaway, and while I’m not exactly seeing a clear fit for the role, the Rule of Ledger has taught me not to doubt casting from Nolan.

    While I don’t know how Bane is going to be portrayed, I have full faith that it will fit into the Nolanverse just as well as everything we’ve seen so far. It seems to me that nobody is more critical of that world than Nolan (and brother Jonah) himself. I think it will probably be something along the lines of the more science-y stuff in Scarecrow’s hallucination formula.

    Or maybe we can dare to hope for something as awesome as Batman Forever’s bane…

  • Third

    Wade, how dare you mention that heresy on our sacred site?! Anyway, in comparison to Joel Schumacher’s utterly pathetic version of Bane, I think Tom Hardy could actually pull off the Bane seen in the comics – he’s actually very smart and well-spoken in addition to being a Hulk-like monster. Also, the idea of anyone shouting “I will break you!” and having it not be cheesy makes me very excited. However, while most of the people here seem to be willing to go on faith, I want proof – I’m waiting til some photos and at least a teaser trailer are put out before I make any judgments.

    • Wade

      Oh I’m not at all worried about Tom Hardy playing Bane, as he is a total baller. The big question in my mind is whether the new Bane is going to grow to four times his normal size when pumped up with Venom or whether The Brothers Nolan have decided on an effect that is slightly more rooted in reality.

  • Third

    OH, also – if Nolan goes out on some sort of totally unexpected, Empire-like bang and has Bane break Batman’s back, I will make a vow right then and there to go see every Nolan movie he ever makes from this point on out of sheer gratitude.