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January 27, 2011

Lazy Teenage Superheroes

Posted by on Jan 27, 2011

About a week ago I found a link to a video while I was at work.  Because I was at work, I didn’t click play, but I threw it into an extra tab of my browser so I’d come back to it later.  This usually means that I have an extra tab sitting around for a week or so and I eventually decide I don’t care and close it out.  I’m very glad I didn’t do that this time around, because that tab contained pure genius.

This is a short film by Michael Ashton called Lazy Teenage Superheroes.  It is about four college age friends and roommates, three of whom have awesome super powers, which means it’s basically about the four of us who run this site (sorry Tom).  The writing is great and hilarious, and considering the entire film had a budget of $300, the special effects are amazing (especially in the final scene).  As many people on other sites have already said, the writing and effects are better than half the stuff on TV today, including things like Heroes and No Ordinary Family.  I say give these guys a Hollywood budget and see what happens.

See the splendor after The Jump.