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February 11, 2011


Weekend Watch – 2/11/2011

Posted by on Feb 11, 2011

Yup.  Just like that it’s the weekend all over again, and I for one could not be happier.  After what has been a hellish week for many of us, the chance to kick back and relax with some comics and video games could not come at a better time.  Read on to see what we are up to this weekend, and be sure to chime in with your own plans in the comments.


For the uninitiated, Smodcast is the (roughly) weekly audio podcast by Kevin Smith and longtime View Askewniverse producer/cameo actor Scot Mosier. Like many of the greatest moments from their films (contractors on the second Death Star anyone?), the two discuss and dissect pop culture, while being both incredibly nerdy and almost unbelievably vulgar. I’ve had quite the queue building up on iTunes and it’s time for me to do some catching up.


I’m going to be traveling for most of the weekend, so my typical fare of video games probably isn’t going to cut it this time around (barring perhaps a few indy games from Steam that I have yet to be enjoying).  Not to worry though, as I packed several comics I have been wanting to check off my list for a while.  I’ll be starting with volume 1 of Locke & Key, which I have heard nothing but good things about.  I’m following that with volume 2 of Fables. I really enjoyed the first one and am excited to see where it goes from here.  If time permits, I might also get Identity Crisis done as well, since my roommates cannot stop raving about it.


You will not believe what I am about to write: We have had Dead Space 2 sitting in a box in our living room for over a week. I sincerely believe that Dead Space was without a doubt the best game of 2009 and Wade recently raved about the impressive EA port of that version to the iPhone. Somehow, with all that going for it, Dead Space 2 has not been opened.

I think somehow I’m a little afraid – all too often you get burned on sequels – but I’ll probably get over that this weekend. I hope that the people who were talented enough to put together the first installment haven’t sold their souls for bags of money and Dead Space 2 is just as  terrifying, explosive, bloody, and full of flying limbs as the first.


Third is too busy playing the BSG Online open beta to write anything… hopefully he’ll write a proper review of BSG Online later.

  • Chris, I am equally scared of Dead Space 2, but having played the demo already, I’m not scared that it won’t be good. I’m just scared because the game is extremely terrifying.