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February 18, 2011

Dead Island Trailer: Pure Art

Posted by on Feb 18, 2011

Here at NNAR, we love zombies. So it’s only natural that this trailer for the upcoming Zombie survival-horror game Dead Island would be appealing to us. But what you are about to watch goes beyond genre, beyond nerd fetish, beyond anything. It is unbelievably beautiful and devastating art. Don’t believe me? Just watch it. We’ll continue the discussion after the jump. NSFW, and also, it will probably leave you depressed, but in that “I can’t believe how satisfied I am about being sad” sort of way.

UPDATE: This trailer was only posted to Youtube 6 days ago, and it already has 2.5 million views. This means, if you haven’t, you should watch it right now so you don’t get left in the dust by all the cool people.

Okay, now: take a moment. Let that sink in. I realize that, unless you are as emotionally vacant as the zombies, you are probably fairly depressed. But my God, that was amazing. If anyone ever says to you that video games cannot be art, send them this link. The use of storytelling here, and how the shots go from both the beginning and the end towards that central moment where the father rescues the daughter, is sheer brilliance. And then, as if we weren’t already depressed, they just lay it on thick with the home video of the family vacation before the slaughter. Ruthless. I’m not certain what the gameplay is like, and clearly neither are Deep Silver or Techland, as this game has been pushed back before and is still a long way from release, but I will say this: the last time a video game trailer affected me this deeply, it was Gears of War. I’m just saying, guys.

I’m just saying.