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February 21, 2011


Powers/Blade Runner Original Art for Sale

Posted by on Feb 21, 2011

Fiscal responsibility be damned!  Someone needs to give me $700 so I can buy Michael Oeming‘s original artwork for the Blade Runner inspired cover to Powers #18.  Like right now.

For those who don’t read Powers (and are, therefore, idiots), it’s a superhero noir written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Oeming.  And it’s amazing.  Think Law & Order with capes.  Originally published by Image, the book now resides at Marvel’s Icon imprint for creator owned books and is currently on its third volume.  I seriously cannot recommend this book highly enough.  I put it right up there with Y:TLM.  And, if you’re thinking of checking it out, the Definitive Hardcover editions they’ve been putting out are both gorgeous and cheaper than trades (in moneys per issue).

Details after the jump.

Find the auction here.  Although bidding is currently in the low hundreds, the reserve has not been met and $700 is the “Buy It Now” price.  Third, I’m sorry for torturing you by bringing this to your attention.

  • Torture? Not at all. We just need to go halfsies on it. You’ll get it for house parties and vacations, I’ll get it for Con weekends and summer breaks. I’ll just need you to sign the custody agreement next time you’re in town.

  • To clarify: that was not a joke. If you’ve got the $350, Tom, I’ve got the $350.