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February 25, 2011

Weekend Watch – 2/25/2011

Posted by on Feb 25, 2011
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Oh, hello there.  We didn’t see you come in.  We were just about to settle down with a nice glass of Maker’s Mark* and an old favorite comic book/video game/movie/etc.

Kick your shoes off, old friend.  Put some music and your favorite red smoking jacket on.  Relax by the fireplace.  After a long week at work, you deserve another edition of Weekend Watch.

*Nerd News And Reviews is not in any way affiliated with Maker’s Mark.  But we wish we were.


Like all of us after a long week of work, I look forward to nothing more than the opportunity to watch movies and play games on the weekend.  There are some weekends, however, where other things have to take priority, and this is one of those weekends.  This weekend is the clash of the Titans that is the Georgetown-Syracuse basketball game.  My ticket is ready, my facepaint is purchased, and I am ready to cheer the Hoyas on to victory.

I guess I’ll finish up the weekend with some Oscar watching, so that’s relevant I guess.


It has been sitting on my shelf for some time. I have seen and loved the movie version. I love the author. Hell, I got the title page signed by him a few months back. But for whatever reason, I have still not finished the fully illustrated Stardust by Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess. Maybe it’s because, every time I start to read it, the whole thing just over-awes me in terms of sheer beauty. Seriously, this book is breathtaking. Not quite comic, not quite novel – it’s a strange in-between appropriate for a story about the intersection of the real and Faerie worlds. And it will finally be conquered by (or conquer) me, this weekend.


Probably some Oscars.  I lost a lot of faith in the Academy Awards after The Dark Knight wasn’t nominated for Best Picture.  Call it fanboy rage if you want, but look back at the 2009 Best Picture nominee list and tell me which movie on there was better.  Let me save you some time.  None of them were.

I thought the Baldwin/Martin co-hosting of last year was pretty great, and (while I wouldn’t put James Franco and Anne Hathaway anywhere near the same category as their immediate predecessors) another dynamic duo might help inject some energy into what has become a rather bloated night of “entertainment”.  Plus, this might be Hathaway’s last chance to win me over before TDKR.


This weekend was going to be terribly fun and exciting . . . until I lost my wallet.  Now I will probably be standing in line at the DMV for a span of approximately twelve years and then spend the rest of the weekend begging money off my friends in bars.  Just thankful I wasn’t one of those forward thinkers who put my basketball ticket in my wallet two days early.