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March 4, 2011

Weekend Watch – 3/4/2011

Posted by on Mar 4, 2011

To this day I’m not sure why TGI Fridays thought that was a good name for a restaurant, but the sentiment still stands. It’s time to sit down, drink some nice cold beer (we have apple juice for you young whippersnappers), and PLAY SOME HALO. Or your weird farming game. Whatever you like.

We’ll let you know the cool stuff we plan to check out this weekend and we’d love to hear from our readers.


I’m going to see the Adjustment Bureau on Saturday, which I’ve been looking forward to ever since I first saw the trailer a few months ago.  I’m all about me some Matt Damon, and I’ll marry Emily Blunt any time she likes.  I know Chris is very much opposed to this film, and it remains to be seen whether he will continue to dislike it out of stubbornness after we go see it, but I think it looks promising.  I’ll try to follow up with a review early next week.  I also just got volume 2 of Locke & Key in the mail from Amazon, so I plan to make time to read that this weekend as well.


It’s comics again for me this weekend, as I dive into Jason Aaron and R.M. Guéra’s Scalped. This crime comic, set on the Prairie Rose Reservation in North Dakota, depicts the grim realities of life on an Indian Reservation, and the particular brand of organized crime to which this essentially third-world environment leads. The main character is Dashiell Bad Horse – that’s right, Dashiell as in Dashiell Hammett, the father of the detective novel. And Bad Horse as in – well, the head of the Evil League of Evil, yes, but I think that’s a coincidence. In any event, I’m only one issue into the first volume, and it’s already great. Fans of 100 Bullets will love this, I assure you. The art has just the right gritty tone, and the dialogue is exactly what you want out of crime/noir fiction – totally uncaring, going for the emotional gut every time.


I plan on using this weekend to revisit Alien Swarm.  For those that don’t remember (or have never heard of) Alien Swarm, it’s a third person, cooperative, multi-player shooter which was released for free (!!!) on Steam.  According to Steam, I downloaded the game and played it for all of 45 minutes, but I’m going to give it another try.  Hopefully I can convince the rest of the NNAR crew to join me.

And, I’m going to (re)organize my comics collection.  Boom!


I’ll probably end up getting involved in Tom’s Alien Swarm shenanigans at some point. However, my main mission for the weekend is to convince people go see Rango, because I heard a review and it sounds awesome.