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April 19, 2011


And So The Student Becomes The Master: Welcome Jon!

Posted by on Apr 19, 2011

Those of you who read NNAR with any regularity probably know that our crack team of writers consists of me, Tom, Chris, and Third.   Some of you may also know that we were all friends and roommates in college.  We four were nerds from the start, and our proximity to each other only served to amplify the effects as time went on.

There were others among our roommates, however, who did not start off on the same path, and one of them was Jon, who sang a lot.  He came to college a fan of Halo and not much else, but over the years the gamma rays that were our nerdiness turned Jon into a type of Nerd-Hulk who is prone to fits of extreme geek if sufficiently provoked.  It is now time to release our experiment on the world, so please join me and the rest of the Nerd News And Reviews crew in welcoming our newest member: Jon!

  • Oh great, Jon’s joining?! You guys used to be a repudiable source of valuable information! What happened?!