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April 27, 2011


From the Octagon to the Studio – Japan’s new Hero?

Posted by on Apr 27, 2011

Third sent me this video last night, and I just had to pass it on.  These seven Japanese guys do some of the coolest and well timed transformer-esque choreography that I have ever seen.  The song and the video themselves are delightful as well.

After watching this about 7 times, I decided to research Genki Sudo, and was excited to discover that this was way more than just another dude with a superbly choreographed video.  Sudo is one of Japan’s most famous former martial arts and kickboxing masters (including bouts in the UFC Octagon) – in other words, he’s a huge badass.  Since retiring from the arena, this fighter has been seen pursuing interests such as acting, essay writing, and writing/producing awesome music and videos.  He has retained the former slogan from his fighting days – ‘We are all one.’  In light of recent events in Japan, Sudo is using his media productions to call people everywhere to unite in order to push through the tragedy and emerge whole on the other side.  So while the choreography of the last scene is incredible, there seems to be a profoundly deeper side to this ex-cage fighter than meets the eye.  He may just be the hero Japan needs right now. And yes, this hero can still beat you up.


  • Okay, that was legit one of the coolest things I have ever seen. I was transfixed…

  • KashyyykWookie

    Wow, it only took Japan five minutes to make mimes cool. France has been workin on it for four hundred years. Makes me wonder what other commonly brushed aside enterprises have this latent undiscovered awesomeness…