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May 1, 2011


Have No Fear, MyDigitalComics Is (Are?) Here!

Posted by on May 1, 2011

After recently bemoaning the state of digital comics, it seems that someone has finally gotten it right.  The imaginatively named MyDigitalComics offers it’s customers 100% DRM free digital comics which can be downloaded in PDF and/or CBZ or can be read online.  The selection is small but growing, featuring mainly indie publishers.

If you’re interested in checking out the service or in supporting the novel idea that you should actually own the digital media you buy, two of last year’s most critically acclaimed graphic novels, Duncan The Wonder Dog and Afrodisiac, are available now for less than the cost of their print versions.  Hopefully this modus operandi catches on and other companies follow suit.

  • While I obviously applaud a service that makes comics available in an accessible form like this without DRM, my problem is this: I don’t want to buy comics online until I have one service that I can buy everything from. When I want to re-download something, I don’t want to have to hunt around for which place I bought it. When I open one up to read on my iPad, I don’t want to have to remember which app I bought that particular book through.

    Marvel and DC, are all about having their own apps to do all of this stuff through. If they stepped back and allowed someone else to run a store/viewing application, they could make back the bit of extra revenue with advertisements, just like they do in printed form.

    The lack of DRM is a good first step, and I hope it starts to track across the rest of the digital comics/books industry, but until the other part is satisfied, I don’t see myself buying in.

    • Tom

      I absolutely agree that every company having its own “app” is ridiculous. But, because The Big Two are clinging to this business model, others (Dark Horse notably just launched their own digital store) are playing follow the leader.

      And, although Marvel and DC have ALSO allowed their works to be sold through services like comiXology (arguably the biggest digital comics platform) it is, unfortunately, the comics equivalent of Steam. The books you buy are licensed to you, not sold. Apparently none of the people selling digital comics have ever been in a comic store, which is basically a cave full of Smeagols discussing their preciousss collections. And I can say that because I’m one of those Smeagols.