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June 2, 2011


Sony’s New Viral Video – Dragon Tattoo (Updated)

Posted by on Jun 2, 2011

We have all seen Viral Videos. We have all laughed at Viral Videos. We have all shared Viral Videos. When this became a phenomenon, the marketing departments of many companies jumped on the opportunity, thus creating ‘viral marketing.’  While there are now countless of examples of viral marketing, a few recent campaigns promoting upcoming film and TV endeavors come to mind – Sony’s Dragon Tattoo being the most recent.

Both Batman films held viral marketing campaigns to get fans hyped up and spreading the news before the world premier.  NNAR actually donated a beer pong rectangular table to members of the viral campaign for The Dark Knight while they were ‘campaigning’ for Harvey Dent in DC (and now we have an 8 ft banner that reads ‘I believe in Harvey Dent’ – yup, totally bragging).  Earlier this year, HBO ran their own viral campaign for Game of Thrones.  And TDKR recently began the first (I am assuming/hoping/praying that it is not the last) installment of their viral campaign, revealing an on-set photo of Bane.

A few days ago, Sony released a ‘fake’ movie trailer for their upcoming version of Steig Larson’s international bestseller, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, set to release this December.  The trailer is pretty legit – and is made to seem as if someone illegally filmed it in a movie theater.



As you can clearly see, Sony has removed the trailer due to copyright issues, and has officially released the real trailer.  The real trailer is almost identical to the fake – it has a few more clips, is a little longer, shows no nudity, but in most other regards it is the same.  Also, the website listed at the tail end of the fake trailer (which used to redirect internet users to Sony’s website) is now legitimate, and hosts the new Poster and Trailer for the movie.  Go see it now  –

If you have not read the book yet, you probably should, because let’s be honest – you’re going to see the movie.  To put it in SAT analogy form – books : movies || dinner : dessert.  Just sayin’.  Also, do not forget about the original movie, which does have subtitles (oh come on, stop whining), and is very well done.  Stay tuned for the next revelation in Sony’s newest viral campaign.  And go watch another viral video.

  • Best analogy ever.

    • Does that mean movies with subtitles are like a “dessert” fruit plate?