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June 3, 2011

Weekend Watch: 6/3/2011

Posted by on Jun 3, 2011

They’re here.” Don’t check under your house for a Native American burial ground, and don’t go calling the Exorcist just yet – our Weekend Watch went on hiatus, but just because we’re back doesn’t mean you should suspect the supernatural. Maybe just the evolutionary – X-Men: First Class will most likely be high atop all our lists for the next three days, but we’ll give you a taste of some other especially nerdy plans we’ve concocted for the weekend.


So I’ve read A Game of Thrones, and yet HBO’s adaptation still manages to leave me shocked, numb, and begging for more. I’ll be at the TV come 8:45 Sunday night. But before that, tonight I plan on getting my theater nerd on by going to see a performance of the unbelievably good improv group Baby Wants Candy. This troupe puts on an hour-long, completely improvised musical, along with their live band – all after an audience member shouts out the  title of the show that, as they like to say, is about to have its “opening and closing night.” Seriously, I’ve seen them twice before: the first show was called “Trust Me, I Work at American Apparel,” and the second was called “Somali Pirates of Penzance.” The second show dropped the Somali element pretty quickly, but made up for it by introducing a main character whose name and identity was simply “Pig-Eagle.” Sheer insanity, and absolute brilliance – you’ll laugh no matter who you are, but if you are a theater nerd, or especially a musical theater nerd, you will adore it.


I know it’s crazy talk, but I probably won’t be seeing First Class this weekend.  Instead, I’m going to check out The Hangover 2.  Nothing against X-Men (which I will definitely be seeing on the big screen); I haven’t seen The Hangover 2 yet, and I want to make an effort to support an R rated comedy while it’s still in theaters.  While I’ve heard mixed things re: the sequel, the first one definitely required repeat viewings to fully appreciate.  Hopefully, the tepid reviews are just history repeating itself.

Be forewarned, if I hear any X-Men: First Class spoilers from you mooks, HULK will SMASH.


X-Men: First Class is happening tonight.  It looks incredible.  Hopefully I will be finished with Clash of Kings by Sunday evening.  I would like to be all caught up through A Dance with Dragons by the end of Summer.  Too bad I am a good 4 times slower reader than Chris (who may be the world’s fastest reader).  I also plan to begin B. Sanderson’s Mistborn, if not this weekend, then soon.  HBO’s Game of Thrones is of course the perfect conclusion to my weekend.  Too bad there are only 3 episodes left this season.