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July 5, 2011


Straight Outta Console: The Nintendo Thumb Mixtape

Posted by on Jul 5, 2011

Heath McNEase and his collaborators are my new favorite people. Over the July 4th weekend, they released a musical homage to all of us who grew up being spoon fed Nintendo games, Straight Outta Console: The Nintendo Thumb Mixtape.

It is, in their words: A freakin ridiculous mixtape using Nintendo samples, pop culture references, a shoestring budget, anabolic steroids, and a lot of love. A combination of clever raps and 8-bit tunes mean I can’t help but enjoy it. Props to Heath McNease, ForBeatsSake, Davey Rocket, Playdough, Manchild, Red Cloud, Okwerdz, Cas Metah, KJ 52, and Sivion.

Check it out below and perhaps more importantly, support the people who do this kind of thing by buying the album. It’s ‘name your price’, so take a listen and contribute as much as you want. Just remember, Big Brother is Watching You.

  • I cannot stop listening to this.

  • Spadez43

    This mixtape is insane!