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July 8, 2011

Fiction Shown to Improve Social Understanding

Posted by on Jul 8, 2011

Score one for the Nerds!   It is pretty well known that the vast majority of literature and media enjoyed by nerds around the world is fiction.  Be it comics, fantasy, sci-fi, TV shows, movies, even video games (OK, this may be a stretch for the purposes of this article, but we’re going with it), nerds LOVE fiction.  We have been proclaiming that ‘Nerd’ is the new ‘Cool’ forever…  Now, there is a study with some psychology case evidence that reading fiction actually improves your social understanding.  All y’all haters say hi to that

Toronto University professor and novelist Keith Oatley discusses these findings here.

No longer can others criticize and call us anti-social for being bookworms.  Nerds are cool.  End of line.