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July 25, 2011


New Trailer for Justin Timberlake’s ‘In Time’

Posted by on Jul 25, 2011
In Time

While browsing the latest news to come out from San Diego Comic Con, I stumbled across this little gem.  This is the new extended trailer for In Time, a sci-fi action thriller starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfreid, which I’m sad to say I hadn’t heard about before today.  Written and directed by Andrew Niccol (Gattaca, Lord of War, The Truman Show), In Time takes place in a future where science has stopped aging, but time has become the new currency.  At age 25, everyone is given a year to live, and any job they work is paid in additional minutes and hours on their lives.  At the same time, goods and services are paid for with the same hours and minutes.

At first I thought this sounded like a rather ridiculous premise, but after seeing the trailer, I can see how it might be pretty compelling.  They have thrown a ton of fairly big names into this cast, and Niccol’s track record is solid.  While I don’t think this will be a blockbuster smashing success, I am looking forward to it.

Niccol’s Gattaca was an awesome film, so I know he can deliver on an interesting sci-fi premise, and I am obviously a fan of Justin Timberlake.  So what do you think?  Are you excited for In Time?

  • Third

    So while I also love JT, as well as Cillian Murphy and Matt Bomer, and Andrew Niccol is no schmuck, this premise is, quite simply, a bit too silly for me to get over. Who agreed to this system in the first place? Did no one say “Hey, I don’t want to turn the minutes of my life into a currency I have to earn”? I’ll probably end up seeing this movie, but if the conceit is not properly explained, I will most likely laugh my way through it.

    • Tom

      I’m surprised you have a problem with the premise, it actually seems like pretty standard dystopian society fare to me.  Either it was well intentioned (overpopulation having become such a problem that such a system was instituted) and is now being abused by the wealthy/powerful, or (and Cillian Murphy’s character has me leaning this way) it’s some sort of police state.  Either way, the lack of consent from the poor and lower class citizens in this fiction hardly comes as a surprise.

    • Wade

      One thing that I love about film is that even the outlandish and unusual stories and plotlines reflect the hopes, fears, and concerns of the time in some way.  In the 50s and 60s, we had scores of alien movies, which was a way of dealing with communism and the fear of the “other”.  In the last decade or so it has been zombies (and more recently, sparkly vampires) that has captured our interest.  This threat of pandemic is ever present and represents fears of the massive problems facing our society from globalization and (perhaps) terrorism.

      ‘In Time’ is all about time, or the lack thereof, and how that affects us as a society.  Since the mid 90s with the creation of the Internet, we are becoming a society that is ever more reliant on intellectual capital as opposed to traditional manufacturing and agriculture.  To over generalize, the only thing needed to accomplish anything in the information age is time and sweat.  Once I have a computer, the only capital I need to build Facebook, Twitter, or Microsoft Windows is time.

      I think if you’ll look at most good (and by good, I mean enjoyable to watch) dystopian futures, there’s a point where the “how did we get here? how did people think this was a good idea in the first place?” breaks down.  What is important is that we are here now, and that’s what we have to deal with.  It’s a way of abstracting our problems into a more black and white world.

      • Third

        So there are a lot of good points, here. What I’m saying is that, at no point in this specific trailer, is the whole time as currency conceit even partially explained. Hopefully, if not likely, the movie will explain it to the point that I can suspend my disbelief. But right now, I’m just not there.

  • David_lynch

    You can sell me on some actors but Timberlake as an actor??? Laughable. Boy bander turns tough guy/James Bond. No freakin way.LOL