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August 29, 2011


Unreleased Locke & Key TV Trailer Hits the Internet

Posted by on Aug 29, 2011

So this has been making the rounds on the web for a few days, but I only just got around to watching it. It seems that someone got their hands on the trailer for the pilot of Joe Hill‘s Locke & Key that was made for Fox. The show did not get picked up in the end, but at least we get a glimpse of what it might of been through the lens of this two minute video. Read on to see the trailer and my thoughts.

Now we have written time and again about how much we love L&K, and that is no less true after the release of Volume 4 last month. That said, when I look at this trailer, most of me is actually happy this show didn’t turn into anything.

First of all, this show was supposed to be on Fox, which means that, were it as good as everyone was hoping it would be, it would have gotten cancelled after twelve episodes (and they probably would have showed them out of order). Avoiding the inevitable disappointment from such an event is excellent.

But more than that, I really don’t like the trailer. I think, had I not read and loved the books, I would have dismissed it immediately as something that absolutely shouldn’t have been picked up. I’m not sure whether the issue is that it’s hard to capture the dark, awesome feel of this book in two minutes; that it’s hard to capture the dark, awesome feel of this book at all; or that it just wasn’t done well in this instance; but the whole time it seemed like I was watching a bad horror movie with a very predictable outcome (L&K is neither bad nor predictable).

Maybe it’s also that I absolutely love the art of Gabriel Rodriguez and can’t imagine anything being as good to tell this story. Or maybe I think the gruesome things that happen in L&K are just too intense to show on TV, and therefore this medium cannot do them justice. Maybe it’s all of the above or something else entirely, I’m not sure, but based on the buzz around the web, I am definitely in the minority for not liking this so I’d love to hear your thoughts on why I’m wrong or not in the comments.

  • I’m with you – it feels a little bit like a cheap horror film, and the music in the trailer doesn’t help.

    That being said, I actually really enjoyed the first half. It’s just when they got into the “oooh there are bad things”, it all went downhill.

  • Jon

    Interesting – Well, I have not read the books yet, so I do not know the extent to which the ‘horror’ goes in Locke and Key.  I agree with Chris, the first bit was actually pretty cool looking – it gave it a kind of Narnia feel (at least the way I experienced Narnia as a child reading the books). 

    They could have ended the trailer shortly after the first half – adding just a hint of the bad things to come, rather than a full minute + of that.  Maybe it was just a bad trailer, and the show itself would be good… but I doubt it.  Now I guess it’s time to read the book.