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September 21, 2011


ComicCon is Coming – Tell Us What You Want to See!

Posted by on Sep 21, 2011

New York ComicCon is approaching rapidly. And while we would clearly like to cover every single moment of it and bring the full detail of the nerdiness on home to you, the reader, that just wouldn’t work. So we decided to cover exactly what you want to read about. In order to do that, we’re asking you to check out the panel lists and let us know just what events and discussions tickle your fancy. Certain events (like DJ Z-Trip’s opening concert and Jay and Silent Bob Get Old) will be sure things. But a whole lot else is up for grabs. Hit the jump to check out the schedule and give us an idea of just what you’re hoping to read about.

NYCC has a few different ways to check out their schedule. You can select any one day from their main events page here, and view each event in a list. The nice thing about that method is being able to select events and add them to your personal day-planner – very handy for folks going to the Con. There’s also the grid view. Here, you can select a day, and see all the events in one big graphic. This allows you to more easily see which events are occurring at the same time. This also shows you just how impossible it is to see everything, with at times over a dozen panels happening at once. This feature does also group panels and events by category (movies, TV, comics, video games, anime), so if there’s a specific medium or genre that you want to check out, this organization will help you do so.

So who do you want to hear about? Mark Hamill? Ridley Scott? Brandon Sanderson? Stan Lee? Felicia Day? All of them?!

You want more?!?! You’re maniacs… but we’re okay with that. Just let us know where your mania would direct us, and there we shall go.


  • Tom

    Other than being really disappointed I won’t be able to join you, where do I start?  The two biggest panel standouts for me have to be “Will Eisner’s The Spirit and Bob Kane’s The Batman” and “comiXology Open Discussion: Everything Digital!”.  I would love to see those get some coverage.

    Don’t waste your time at “Comics Studies Conference 4: Batman vs. Iron Man: Can a Person Truly Become Either?”.  The answer is yes.  I’m working on it.

    And extensive photographic documentation of Jon’s Power Girl cosplay.  It’s not just me that wants to see it, it’s the world.

  • Courtney

    Were seeing Ridley Scott, thats a must

  • Elizabeth Hagerty

    i feel really strongly about learning more about how to draw pink pony comics.  for example, should pink pony have a pink mane, or would readers prefer added visual contrast?  does pink pony need a sidekick?  does pink pony have a role to play in humanity’s spiritual evolution and struggle in a post-apocalyptic dsytopia?  please attend pink pony panel and advise.

    more seriously, find out if mark hamill still appears to be toying with the idea of joining the ginger ranks (look at his hair!:  

    and… zombie summit?

    • Tom

      The lack of punctuation?  The broken hyperlinks?  The fixation on the “pink pony”?

      This is either incredibly condescending or a desperate cry for help.  Or both.

      • Elizabeth Hagerty

        probably both.

        i have no explanation for the hyperlink issue.  or much of anything.

        anyway, just wait til i’ve made bank on the adventures of pink pony.  you’ll regret your non-involvement soon enough.