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January 9, 2012


The (Electro-)Force Will Be With You

Posted by on Jan 9, 2012

There’s no other way to put this – we found an electro-house remix of “Binary Suns” by John Williams from the Star Wars: A New Hope soundtrack. This will greatly please some, enrage others (Tom will probably fall into the latter category), but it will intrigue nearly everyone. So hit the jump and take a listen. And may the (electro-)Force be with you.

John Williams (Star Wars) – Binary Suns (Coyote Kisses Remix) by

We came across this track through, a personal favorite blog of mine that provides updates about the newest in hip-hop and electronica music. Not every track is a winner every time, but for fans of house and electronica like myself, it is a gold mine of new music. They also posted a few weeks ago about a dub-step remix of Gary Jules’ cover of “Mad World” from the Donnie Darko OST – that one made many of us here pretty happy and got us talking.

So yes, Coyote Kisses, an electro-house production duo, remixed the highly-recognizable Star Wars theme “Binary Suns.” For those who did their homework and already went to, you’ll note that the blog refers to the track as “the Jedi Theme” – not quite right, but since the theme introduced in “Binary Suns,” as Luke watches the sunset in Episode IV, recurs throughout the movies as the “Force Theme,” I think we can forgive the oversight.

Now some remixes take the existing track and simply add an electronic bass-line or substitute one melody with another and call it a day. Others, however, bring in 3 or 4 new elements and mix them together with components of the original to actually create something new. Clearly, this track belongs in the second category.

But what do you think? Will you be blasting this as you prepare to bring balance to the Force? Or have you decided that this track is simply a path to the Dark Side?


  • litowerzgay

    Sounds like an absolutely sick video game song. it would go so well with jackal for NES.

  • Tom

    It’s not hip-hop, it’s electro.