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Hunger Games - Survival

Review: The Hunger Games

When you spend half a year screaming to the masses “THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BEST THING YOU HAVE EVER SEEN”, it is very difficult to actually make it the best thing people have ever seen, or even one of the better things people have seen this month.  Against these odds, and my ever-existent desire to tell people that they were wrong, Lions Gate’s The Hunger Games really was excellent.

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The Hobbit

Official Hobbit Trailer Released

Yesterday, the first official trailer for Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit Part 1 was released.  We here at NNAR, to put it modestly, are really frickinexcited for Tolkien’s prequel to LOTR to hit the big screen.  Those cast members new to Middle Earth include Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Evangeline Lilly.  Many actors are returning to work with Jackson on this project, namely Ian Mckellan and Andy Serkis (who is also co-directing). Over the next year, re-reading of Bilbo’s epic tale is a must.  But for now, wet your whistle with this short video. Read moreRead more

Resistance - Down with the Capitol

Down with the Capitol!

Pin on your Mockingjay and nock an arrow, ’cause the Capitol is going down! Many of us have had the brief pleasure of speeding through the Hunger Games trilogy, and if you haven’t..well, you really should.  It is a blast.

Tap into your inner Katniss with this one-day-only Hunger Games shirt from  It’s pretty ballin’.  And keep your eyes peeled for more news on the upcoming Movie, The Hunger Games, set to release March 23rd, 2012.

Detective Comics #2

Someone Old, Someone New: Detective Comics #2

So you worked yourself up into a New 52 fever and bought every debut issue you could get your hands on.  Now, the adrenaline high of seeing so many new titles simultaneously has worn off, and you’re wondering which are still worth pulling.  And, since no one other than Bruce Wayne can afford to buy all 75 Batman titles DC puts out, you’re going to have to make some Bat-Choices.

Does Detective Comics suffer from a sophomore slump?  Or does it remain a perpetual paragon of parables?  Should you keep consuming this classic chronicle?  The dynamic duo of Tom and Jon, the Boy Wonder, are back to let you know!  Same nerd time, same nerd channel!

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epic fantasy

NYCC: Fantasy – Straight from the Authors’ Mouth

Wading through the sea of booths, books, and colorfully dressed and smelling people is one of the main battles of attending a Comic Con.  Waiting in lines, telling your legs that they have to continue standing for the next 87 hours, and finding time to eat before your stomach lining turns on itself can prevent us from finding quality time to check out stuff in our personal realms of interest.  Luckily, I emerged victorious against these foes as I snuck my way into a tightly packed panel entitled Winter is Here: Epic Fantasy Takes the Throne, to hear from a group of fantasy authors that included one of my personal favorites: Brandon Sanderson. Read moreRead more

Terra Nova

NYCC: Maybe Terra Nova Deserves Another Look

While perusing the list of panels for NYCC, Chris, Wade, and I saw one simply titled ‘Terra Nova.’  Looking at our schedules for what we wanted/needed to see this weekend, we saw that we all had time to go see this panel.  We also were SUPER excited about simply watching Terra Nova get torn to shreds.  However, we were in for a big surprise. Read moreRead more

Dragon Reading

Navigating NPR’s Top 100 Sci-Fi & Fantasy List

We humans are visual learners, have the tendency to be ridiculously creative, and often have too much time on our hands. Combine those three ingredients with the Internet and you get an abundance of awesome [Editor's Note: I think you combine those three ingredients and you GET the Internet]. The fine folks over at did just that when they created an informative and witty flow chart of NPR’s user voted list of the Top 100 Science-Fiction, Fantasy Books (which we have been remiss in covering previously). Read moreRead more

Detective Comics #1

Someone Old, Someone New: Detective Comics #1

Say what you will about the recognizability or historical significance of any other DC Comics character, but there’s only one whose book the company named themselves after.  And it ain’t this one.  After Detective Comics #27 introduced “The Bat-Man” in May of 1939, he soon became the star of the title and, arguably, the company’s most successful character.  As much as we were looking forward to, and have been pleasantly surprised by, several titles in DC’s The New 52, there was never any doubt that the entire endeavor would succeed or fail based on the strength of one comic.  Haven’t checked it out yet?  Leave it to Someone Old (Tom) and Someone New (Jon) to convince you why you should.

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Terra Nova - It Looks So Pretty

Terra Nova – TV’s Next Big Hit

Quality epic TV shows are hard to come by.  Of all the TV that produced in recent years, there have been only a handful of shows that, to me, really stand out as being both epic in scale AND well done.  Among these are LOST, Battlestar Galactica, the new front-runner Game of Thrones, and of course The Wire.  However, there are countless shows that attempt to be epic and end up falling flat on their faces.  I’m looking at you, Heroes.

With the pilot debuting this coming Monday, we don’t have to wait long to to find out which category Fox’s highly hyped-up Terra Nova will fall into. I think this one has a lot going for it. Read moreRead more

With a bullet...

Top Five: Best TV Opening Themes

Just like first round interviewees and blind daters, TV Shows are generally very nervous about making a good first impression.  If the first impression is a bad one, well… you better start thinking of ideas for the next show.

Shows take different routes in order to ensure that viewers are hooked.  However, most involve a recurring opening sequence with a title theme that is played at the beginning of each new episode.  These songs are what get stuck in our heads, and keep us thinking about the show and wanting more.  Some series do it wrong, and some do it really right.  Here is our Top Five break down of the latter. Read moreRead more