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NYCC: Max Payne 3 Preview

Chris and I had the opportunity to visit the Rockstar Games booth at New York Comic Con this weekend, where we got the rundown on the company’s newest project, Max Payne 3.  Today we are going to be giving you a Nerd News And Reviews first: Chris and I busted out the camera and put our preview on video.  We’d love to know what you all think of this new format and how you’d like to see us use it in the future.  Check out the video after The Jump.


NYCC: Cosplay Gallery

One of the best parts of attending a comic book convention is seeing the costumes that people come in.  Some of them are incredible, some of them are bad, and some are just plain weird.  But all of them are great because they are, to me, one of the most enthusiastic ways that fans can show their support for the things that they love.  Throughout the weekend, we got a lot of pictures of the costumes on display, and we present them here for your viewing pleasure.  So without further ado…

Update:  We have uploaded some additional pictures that we forgot we had.  They are at the end.

Hit the Jump for the full gallery.


NYCC: Day 2 Recap

Friday was the first day of New York Comic Con that was open to the majority of the general public (those who paid extra for VIP passes got access for a little while on Thursday), and my was it busy.  The Javits Convention Center was packed to the gills with cosplayers, creators, fanpersons (we are nothing if not PC at NNAR), and even us humble members of the press.  While we aren’t able to be everywhere at once, we did try to get around and see what we anticipated to be some of the cooler stuff today.  Check out the highlights after The Jump. Read moreRead more


BioWare Announces Mass Effect 3 Co-op Multiplayer

So this is interesting.  BioWare announced this morning that Mass Effect 3 will come bundled with a code to unlock an additional cooperative multiplayer mode known as Galaxy at War, which will allow up to four players to team up and take on the dreaded Reavers and save the galaxy.  This new mode will be a series of completely separate missions where players will be able to choose from a number of different classes and alien races.  While the storyline will be completely separate from the adventures of Commander Shepard, et al., success in these missions will benefit certain aspects of the single player campaign progression.  This new mode is completely optional, however, and BioWare has assured us that a player can achieve the maximum progression and the “perfect” ending through exploits in the single player campaign alone.

All of this sounds well and good, and I’m all for additional gameplay modes (especially since Chris and I love co-op gameplay), but all is not well in the world.   Rant (and full press release) after the jump.


Game of Thrones Season 2 Teaser Trailer Released

If you haven’t figured out by now, we cannot wait until we get more Game of Thrones next spring, and we will cling to any morsel that is released and in some way related to the show.  The teaser trailer for season 2 that was released by HBO last night is no different.  It doesn’t really give us much (and by not much, I mean it gives us nothing at all), but it still sets my heart racing in anticipation. Check it out.


Bad News Friday: Diablo III Release Gets Pushed To 2012

Hot on the heels of the news earlier this week that the Diablo 3 closed beta has begun (and that beta keys are being sent out to lucky gamers the world over) comes some bad news.  This morning the folks at Blizzard issued a press release letting us know that they will not be making their intended release in 2011, and that the game is now planned to ship in “early 2012.” The press release explains that this is due to some additional time the team has decided they need make the game “Blizzard good.” Get the details after the jump. Read moreRead more


The New 52 Launches Today With Justice League #1

Back in early June, DC announced that coming this fall, they would be rebooting 52 different comics franchises.  This meant that each of them would start over at issue #1 and each storyline would start from zero.  This allows DC to update many characters, origin stories, and events to be more relevant and contemporary.  It also means that new readers to comics will be able to more easily approach a given hero, since they won’t have to be familiar with literally decades of back story to understand a given character.

This reboot starts today with the brand new Justice League issue #1.  I haven’t read it yet, but one would imagine that since it’s the flagship title in this entire relaunch, it will probably be pretty good.  And given that the issue was written and drawn by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee respectively, you can safely make that an almost definitely.  The remaining 51 titles will launch their own issue #1 by the end of September.  I’m particularly looking forward to the Green Lantern run, as it’s also being written by Johns, Chief Creative Officer at DC and writer of previous Green Lantern runs, such as Rebirth and Blackest Night (Johns is writing a number of other titles in the reboot, too, but is best known for his Green Lantern and Flash contributions).

So what about you?  Will you be picking up Justice League #1 today?  Which other series are you looking forward to, and what are your thoughts on the whole reboot?   To the Comments!


Review: Fractal for iPad

A couple of weeks ago, we announced that Cipher Prime‘s Fractal was on sale in anticipation of their launch of the game for the iPad.  The game has since launched, and I have had the chance to take it out for a spin.  This latest offering is every bit as good as previous titles from the Cipher Prime boys, and is, in my opinion, far superior to its original incarnation on the Mac and PC. Read on for my thoughts. Read moreRead more


Unreleased Locke & Key TV Trailer Hits the Internet

So this has been making the rounds on the web for a few days, but I only just got around to watching it. It seems that someone got their hands on the trailer for the pilot of Joe Hill‘s Locke & Key that was made for Fox. The show did not get picked up in the end, but at least we get a glimpse of what it might of been through the lens of this two minute video. Read on to see the trailer and my thoughts. Read moreRead more


Portal: No Escape – Live Action Short Set In The Portal Universe

Ever since the original Portal hit the scene in October 2007 as part of Valve’s Orange Box Collection, people have been obsessed with the gameplay; the snarky rogue AI, GLaDOS; and most recently the sequel, Portal 2.  The games are always fun, often challenging, and feature some of the most enjoyable character dialogue in any game out there.  The common thread in these games is a light-hearted atmosphere of death and destruction.  Now we have a new, much grittier entry to the field.

Earlier this week, filmmaker Dan Trachtenberg (of Totally Rad Show fame) released his six minute short film, Portal: No Escape, which gives viewers a slightly different take on their favorite game.  This is a well thought out, gritty and grimy film featuring Portal protagonist Chell in a physics-defying prison escape.  I don’t want to waste any more of your time before you get to watch, so hit the Jump and check it out.  I recommend going HD/full screen on this one. Read moreRead more