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With a bullet...

Top Five: Best TV Opening Themes

Just like first round interviewees and blind daters, TV Shows are generally very nervous about making a good first impression.  If the first impression is a bad one, well… you better start thinking of ideas for the next show.

Shows take different routes in order to ensure that viewers are hooked.  However, most involve a recurring opening sequence with a title theme that is played at the beginning of each new episode.  These songs are what get stuck in our heads, and keep us thinking about the show and wanting more.  Some series do it wrong, and some do it really right.  Here is our Top Five break down of the latter. Read moreRead more

Secret of Mana

The Difficulties of Old Console Emulation

If anyone has previously played old Nintendo or Super Nintendo games via an emulator, you know how dodgy it can be to get a game to work properly or even at all. The N64 is nearly impossible. Yet these consoles are well over 15 years old at this point, so what gives? Read moreRead more


An Important Public Service Announcement From Nathan Fillion

This important news just came in via Nathan Fillion‘s Twitter page.  I wanted to make sure it was brought to the attention of each and every one of our readers, as it is something about which we all need to be more sensitive.  These are problems affecting real people that you know every day, and ignoring them won’t help. Read on to see the announcement.

The Hunger Games

Review: The Hunger Games Trilogy (no spoilers)

Kids killing kids.  Kids killing kids while being filmed.  Kids killing kids, being filmed, and being broadcast live across an entire nation, where every citizen is forced to watch on pain of death.  Welcome to the nation of Panem, which rose from the ashes of what was once North America and gives us the willies the same way George Orwell’s Oceania did in 1984.  In this fast paced and hip new trilogy, Suzanne Collins takes readers on a roller-coaster journey of love, pain, murder, betrayal, insanity, and revolution. Read moreRead more

Evangeline Lilly

Kate from LOST to join cast of ‘The Hobbit’

Kate was one of the most compelling, intricate, and downright sexy characters in the hit TV series LOST.  Played by Evangeline Lilly, her character captured (and often times broke) the hearts of the two manly-men male leads, Jack and Sawyer, along with the hearts of fans across the globe.  Now, Lilly is back, and will be playing the Elf Tauriel in Peter Jackson’s two part film project of The Hobbit.   Read moreRead more

The Justice League

DC Will Reboot Its Entire Universe in September

One of the complaints I hear most often in the world of comics (and one often voiced by some of us here at NNAR) is that it is extremely difficult for someone new to the comic book medium (or to a particular hero) to jump in and understand what is going on. The amount of history and backstory for each character can make it a daunting task to get up to speed and invested in a new storyline. Come September, DC is making that a lot easier. Starting with the September issue of the Justice League of America, every major property in the DC universe will be starting over with issue #1. Reboot after The Jump

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Reminder: LoTR Extended Edition Re-Released in Theaters

For those of you plugged into the nerd world, this is rather old news. We here at NNAR heard about this back at the end of April, discussed it excitedly amongst ourselves, and then totally brain farted on posting about it. Whoops. However, while on Fandango today purchasing my own tickets, I realized that a simple reminder could prevent mass wailing and gnashing of teeth by Tolkienites everywhere.

Click here for details on how to escape to Middle Earth yet again.

Obi-Wan and Darth

And So The Student Becomes The Master: Welcome Jon!

Those of you who read NNAR with any regularity probably know that our crack team of writers consists of me, Tom, Chris, and Third.   Some of you may also know that we were all friends and roommates in college.  We four were nerds from the start, and our proximity to each other only served to amplify the effects as time went on.

There were others among our roommates, however, who did not start off on the same path, and one of them was Jon, who sang a lot.  He came to college a fan of Halo and not much else, but over the years the gamma rays that were our nerdiness turned Jon into a type of Nerd-Hulk who is prone to fits of extreme geek if sufficiently provoked.  It is now time to release our experiment on the world, so please join me and the rest of the Nerd News And Reviews crew in welcoming our newest member: Jon!

Nerd News And Reviews

Weekend Watch – 3/18/2011

You may have noticed that we didn’t have a Weekend Watch last week… The week kind of ran into the weekend, which is exactly what we like to avoid. We’re making up for it this week with … Third’s Happy Friday Dance?!?

So you can’t see it right now, but I’m doing my Happy Friday dance. What’s that? You want to see me do the Happy Friday dance? Okay, I’ll just turn on my webcam and – oh wait, you said you DON’T want to see the Happy Friday dance. Okay, okay, your exact words may have been “Please for the love of God do not show me the Happy Friday dance.” Fair enough. We’ll just get to the awesome nerdy stuff we’re doing this weekend.

Read moreRead more

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1992

Whedon-less Buffy Re-boot Earns Nearly as Much Nerd Hate as Star Wars Prequels

I thought the nerd anger elicited by Episodes 1-3 was something unique in history.  I thought the outcry over Lucas’ return to the beloved world of Star Wars was destined to be unrivaled by the disgust expressed over any other fanboy/girl event that might come after.  I was wrong.  As I write this, the terms #Joss and #Whedon are trending topics on Twitter, and it ain’t because Whedonite prayers have been answered and Firefly is being brought back to the small screen.  It’s because Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which originally started as a movie written by Whedon, is getting the re-make treatment – and Whedon is in no way involved.

Get a taste of the public protest and more info on the Buffy project after the jump. Read moreRead more