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Marvel Spidey Book

Disney Releases Marvel Childrens App

iPads and other content consumption devices have changed the way we approach comics with the help of companies like Comixology. Disney has apparently caught on to that idea, with a twist, and is going to release a Spiderman themed children’s book on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch today.

The ‘book’ is intended for kids, and is different from a traditional ebook in that it will be interactive. Apparently one of those interactive features is to have the book read to you… by Stan Lee! Now that’s badass. I imagine there will also be games and videos to accompany the story.

All in all, it looks like a pretty cool item if you have a couple of kids who like comics, although the price point of $6.99 is a bit disappointing. I’m also not entirely sure about the decision to make an entire app for a single book, but maybe they’ll manage to platformize it into something more like iBooks in the future.


Resistance - Down with the Capitol

Down with the Capitol!

Pin on your Mockingjay and nock an arrow, ’cause the Capitol is going down! Many of us have had the brief pleasure of speeding through the Hunger Games trilogy, and if you haven’t..well, you really should.  It is a blast.

Tap into your inner Katniss with this one-day-only Hunger Games shirt from  It’s pretty ballin’.  And keep your eyes peeled for more news on the upcoming Movie, The Hunger Games, set to release March 23rd, 2012.

The Alloy of Law

Review: The Alloy of Law

Brandon Sanderson had an interesting thought one day: why is it that fantasy worlds stand still chronologically? Sure they often have great and epic histories, but the world itself doesn’t seem to advance over time. As the Wheel of Time so eloquently puts it:

The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again.

What if, instead of this kind of stasis, a fantasy world lived and grew over time just like our world does. How would the growth of technology effect magic? Would they become anathema to each other and cause wars that sundered the world, or would they combine harmoniously and create miracles never before considered?

It’s an interesting question, and it’s exactly what Brandon Sanderson has set out to explore with The Alloy of Law. Set in the same universe as his Mistborn trilogy, Scadrial, a world where certain people are gifted with the ability to transmute metal dusts into various powers, this book tells its tale hundreds of years after the conclusion of The Hero of Ages.

epic fantasy

NYCC: Fantasy – Straight from the Authors’ Mouth

Wading through the sea of booths, books, and colorfully dressed and smelling people is one of the main battles of attending a Comic Con.  Waiting in lines, telling your legs that they have to continue standing for the next 87 hours, and finding time to eat before your stomach lining turns on itself can prevent us from finding quality time to check out stuff in our personal realms of interest.  Luckily, I emerged victorious against these foes as I snuck my way into a tightly packed panel entitled Winter is Here: Epic Fantasy Takes the Throne, to hear from a group of fantasy authors that included one of my personal favorites: Brandon Sanderson. Read moreRead more

Dragon Reading

Navigating NPR’s Top 100 Sci-Fi & Fantasy List

We humans are visual learners, have the tendency to be ridiculously creative, and often have too much time on our hands. Combine those three ingredients with the Internet and you get an abundance of awesome [Editor's Note: I think you combine those three ingredients and you GET the Internet]. The fine folks over at did just that when they created an informative and witty flow chart of NPR’s user voted list of the Top 100 Science-Fiction, Fantasy Books (which we have been remiss in covering previously). Read moreRead more


Game of Thrones Season 2 Teaser Trailer Released

If you haven’t figured out by now, we cannot wait until we get more Game of Thrones next spring, and we will cling to any morsel that is released and in some way related to the show.  The teaser trailer for season 2 that was released by HBO last night is no different.  It doesn’t really give us much (and by not much, I mean it gives us nothing at all), but it still sets my heart racing in anticipation. Check it out.

NYCC 2011

ComicCon is Coming – Tell Us What You Want to See!

New York ComicCon is approaching rapidly. And while we would clearly like to cover every single moment of it and bring the full detail of the nerdiness on home to you, the reader, that just wouldn’t work. So we decided to cover exactly what you want to read about. In order to do that, we’re asking you to check out the panel lists and let us know just what events and discussions tickle your fancy. Certain events (like DJ Z-Trip’s opening concert and Jay and Silent Bob Get Old) will be sure things. But a whole lot else is up for grabs. Hit the jump to check out the schedule and give us an idea of just what you’re hoping to read about. Read moreRead more

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Casting Info

In case it hasn’t been obvious, we miss HBO’s Game of Thrones and cannot wait for it to come back.  Luckily we can occasionally get our GoT fix in in the form of news about the upcoming season from the studio, and today is one of those occasions.  It seems that HBO has just finished casting the second season of the show, and the guys over at TV Overmind have provided us with a write-up of all sixteen new cast members and the roles they will be playing.  I’m fairly unfamiliar with most of these actors, as will be most American audience members, I suspect, but just the thought of the next chapter in this amazing story being played out onscreen is getting me giddy with anticipation.

Check out the write up here (Warning: Season one spoilers, as well as tips on new characters for those of you not already familiar with the events of book 2).

So what do you think about the casting?  Let us know in the comments.


District 13 Mockingjays

While I’m unsure of the use of the hyphen in this design, you can now support your favorite district tributes/rebel uprising just by wearing a shirt!  Which, as we’ve had to tell Wade repeatedly, you do have to do sometimes.

Read the book, buy the shirt (today only on TeeFury), see the movie.  And may the odds be ever in your favor.

Nerd News And Reviews

Weekend Watch: 7/29/2011

Don’t know what to do this weekend?  Don’t worry, we do.  We’re professionals.  Just copy one of us.

And, for the record, Kriss Kross will make you… jump, jump.