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Death Eaters

Team Up: Death Eater

You know who we don’t like?  Harry Potter.  Everyone loves to root for the underdog and his lovable band of misfits, but let’s face facts.  He’s captain of the perennially victorious Quidditch team, he defeats He Who Shall Not Be Named and his minions at the end of every school year like clockwork, and he’s dating his best friend’s little sister AND GETTING AWAY WITH IT.  Enough is enough.  Someone needs to put this guy in his place

With that in mind, and with the cinematic conclusion of Harry Potter premiering tonight at midnight, we here at NNAR would like to present the first entry in a new feature we call Team Up.  Team Up will showcase our collaborative efforts, like this song, written by a friend of the site, Ian.  Ladies and gentlemen, your new summer anthem, “Death Eater”.

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