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Natalie Morales

Ten Questions: Natalie Morales

The five of us have often discussed that one of the problems with being huge nerds is that we tend to like television shows that are awesome but misunderstood (Actually, now that I think about it, that’s true of almost everything related to nerd-dom).  The consequence of this is that many of our favorite shows don’t get the opportunity to rise to their full potential.  One such show that was loved by many a nerd was ABC Family’s The Middleman, which you’ve probably seen us mention before.  Fans of the show instantly fell in love with its camp; its comic, movie, and video game reference-filled sense of humor; and its beautiful and snarky lead, Matt Keeslar Natalie Morales.  While this was the first time many of us had seen her, it would thankfully not be the last.  Since her time as middle-sidekick, we’ve seen her in USA’s White Collar, Wall Street 2, and briefly on NBC’s Parks & Recreation.  She’s got some new stuff coming out, and we were thrilled when she agreed to sit down with us and answer some hard-hitting questions celebrity duel questions.  So read on.  I think you’ll agree that her responses are sheer elegance in their simplicity.

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Ten Questions: CipherPrime Studios

Regular readers of NNAR will know that we love indie games (even more than we love Indy games).  One of our longtime favorites is Auditorium, the addicting and innovative music game built by the fine folks at CipherPrime Studios.  When we heard they had a brand new game coming out, we had to check in with them and see how things were going.  So without further ado: CipherPrime.

The goods.

Shane and Chris Houghton

Ten Questions: Shane and Chris Houghton

Shane Houghton writes words.  Chris Houghton draws pictures.  By their powers combined, it is Reed Gunther, a comic book about a cowboy and his bear.  I’ve been hooked on this great series since I read the first issue, and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.  In this installment of Ten Questions, Shane and Chris drop some knowledge on us about the future of Reed Gunther, living in a Technicolor dream world, and the finer points (literally) of brotherly love.

Without further ado, Enter the Houghtons…

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Adam WarRock

Ten Questions: Adam WarRock

Welcome to the inaugural edition of our new feature, Ten Questions, where we find someone awesome, ask them ten questions, and let our readers enjoy what comes back. In fitting fashion, our first subject is none other than a man who is part nerd, part rapper, part inter-galactic superhuman being, and all Adam WarRock.  He goes by Eugene Ahn among us mere mortals, and he was kind enough to sit down and answer our queries in the inaugural installment of Ten Questions.

Eugene decided a few months back to quit his job as a lawyer and commit fully to being a rapper of a wonderfully nerdy variety.  He is the man behind internet hits “Ira Glass” and “Starving Artist,” as well as the West Coast Avengers Mixtape.  His album, The War for Infinity, based loosely upon the Marvel limited series The Infinity Gauntlet, comes out tomorrow, October 7th.  You can hear the first two singles, “The Silver Age” and “Hero’s Requiem,” on his blog,  I had the great opportunity to chat with him face-to-face via the interwebs.  He talked all about his surprising musical inspiration, his thoughts on the best and worst Avengers of all time, and his efforts to usher in the Silver Age of hip hop.

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