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I'm sure this is the tune that Luke was actually humming as he watched the sky that night.

The (Electro-)Force Will Be With You

There’s no other way to put this – we found an electro-house remix of “Binary Suns” by John Williams from the Star Wars: A New Hope soundtrack. This will greatly please some, enrage others (Tom will probably fall into the latter category), but it will intrigue nearly everyone. So hit the jump and take a listen. And may the (electro-)Force be with you. Read moreRead more


Go to Bandcamp

Let’s get straight to the point.  HULK HATE DRM.  He hate it whenever and wherever it rears it’s ugly head.  But now there’s Bandcamp, a magical place where awesome artists like Adam WarRock and 8in8 (a rocking “supergroup” comprised of Ben Folds, Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman, and Damian Kulash) can sell their music to their fans in high quality formats (320kbps, FLAC, etc).  And that music is totally DRM free.

You can spend hours (and I have) just clicking around, finding great music on the site.  We’ve even written about some of it.  And, since we’ve been so keen on Zelda music lately, I thought I’d share some that I discovered whilst perusing Bandcamp…

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NYCC 2011

NYCC: Day 1 Recap

Well, we’re off and running. The Con got started officially at 12, but the convention floor opened to all the non-professionals at 4 PM. The lines were nuts. And yes, there were two of them – each easily over 500 or so people, and that’s a conservative estimate. This is only a good thing, as it means plenty of people to make this year more interesting and next year even bigger. Of course, all those people may well have depleted the reserves of swag for the rest of the weekend – okay, maybe scratch what I said about it being a good thing. But there were plenty of other unarguably good things the first day. Get the full recap after the jump. Read moreRead more

The Back to the Future skateboard scene - you know, one of the best scenes...ever.

Matt Mulholland Does Back to the Future – All By Himself

Say you take one of my favorite scenes of all time, and then you re-dub all the music and voices and sound effects using solely your own voice. And you do a bang-up job of it. You’re going to make me a happy person. After you check out this video, you will know that Matt Mulholland has made me a very happy person today. Mulholland is an A Capella singer with a long list of YouTube postings, that range from fun to cheesy to amazing – sometimes all three at the same time. He’s put out a few multitracks, as he refers to them – re-dubbings of movie scenes or songs with multiple tracks of his own voice, creating a choral or orchestral effect. He’s done a multitrack of the original Matrix lobby shoot-out scene, and also of the light-saber battle between Qui-Gon, Obi Wan, and Darth Maul. Clearly he knows how to get the attention of us nerds. But this might be his best showing so far, or at least my favorite: the skateboard chase scene from the first Back to the Future. Check out the video and let us know what you think after the jump. Read moreRead more

With a bullet...

Top Five: Best TV Opening Themes

Just like first round interviewees and blind daters, TV Shows are generally very nervous about making a good first impression.  If the first impression is a bad one, well… you better start thinking of ideas for the next show.

Shows take different routes in order to ensure that viewers are hooked.  However, most involve a recurring opening sequence with a title theme that is played at the beginning of each new episode.  These songs are what get stuck in our heads, and keep us thinking about the show and wanting more.  Some series do it wrong, and some do it really right.  Here is our Top Five break down of the latter. Read moreRead more

Nintendo Classics

Straight Outta Console: The Nintendo Thumb Mixtape

Heath McNEase and his collaborators are my new favorite people. Over the July 4th weekend, they released a musical homage to all of us who grew up being spoon fed Nintendo games, Straight Outta Console: The Nintendo Thumb Mixtape.

It is, in their words: A freakin ridiculous mixtape using Nintendo samples, pop culture references, a shoestring budget, anabolic steroids, and a lot of love. A combination of clever raps and 8-bit tunes mean I can’t help but enjoy it. Props to Heath McNease, ForBeatsSake, Davey Rocket, Playdough, Manchild, Red Cloud, Okwerdz, Cas Metah, KJ 52, and Sivion.

Check it out below and perhaps more importantly, support the people who do this kind of thing by buying the album. It’s ‘name your price’, so take a listen and contribute as much as you want. Just remember, Big Brother is Watching You.

The National Mall

Location Based Music? It’s Awesome and In Washington, DC

I don’t normally pay any attention to this kind of stuff, but this is just too cool not to share. A Washington, DC, local band has created an album that’s entirely location based entitled The National Mall. Say whaa?…Yeah exactly. It’s an album that was composed on the National Mall and you can only hear it if you’re there in person. While you walk around, the music changes. Ladies and Gentlemen, the future is here. Next up, an album that plays smooth jazz when it detects there’s an attractive lady near by.

If, like some of us at NNAR, you do live in the area, go grab the app, and hit up the Mall. Also check out the band behind the magic, Bluebrain (@bluebrain). They’re apparently wrapping up work on their next location aware album, based in Flushing Meadows in Queens, NY.

Nerd Rage

A Nerdcore HipHop Showcase? Hell Yeah!

If you like Adam Warrock, you live anywhere near Philly, or you think nerdcore hip hop is awesome, you might want to checkout this Kickstarter project: An intrepid band of Philadelphia nerds are raising funds to start a Nerdcore Hip Hop Showcase. You can support their project for surprisingly little money (and there are prizes backed by our friends at Cipher Prime).

June 18th, we’re launching Nerdrage, our attempt at creating a Nerdcore Hip-Hop and Chip Music showcase based in the heart of Philadelphia on June 18th.

Our goal is to host a full-on concert featuring local nerdcore and chip artists as a means of generating buzz for the community. We’re looking to raise awareness for the artists, as well as awareness for the music scene as a whole.

Check it out here.


Weekend Watch – 4/29/2011

So maybe you woke up early this morning to watch the Royal Wedding on TV. Or, maybe you stayed up way too late playing video games and there was no chance you were waking up at 6 AM, like me. Either way, the weekend has now officially begun, and so we humble nerds present to you our plans for the next three days. Well, our plans beside watching Game of Thrones on Sunday, because that’s just a given at this point.

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Genki Sudo2

From the Octagon to the Studio – Japan’s new Hero?

Third sent me this video last night, and I just had to pass it on.  These seven Japanese guys do some of the coolest and well timed transformer-esque choreography that I have ever seen.  The song and the video themselves are delightful as well. Check it out here