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Diablo III

Diablo III Gets a Release Date

Fanboys and fangirls everywhere have been waiting for this moment for more than decade: the moment when we would finally get a release date for Diablo III. That moment is now, and the release date is May 15, exactly two months from today.  If you are anything like us, this means you have exactly two months to get your affairs in order, say goodbye to your loved ones, and finish up any other games you may be in the middle of, because once that date hits, we won’t be doing anything but playing this game non-stop. Full press release after the jump.


BlizzCon News: New Diablo 3 Trailer Released

It’s a really good thing that I completely forgot that BlizzCon 2011 was this weekend until about five minutes ago.  If I hadn’t, I would probably have spent the entire week reading everything there is to read about Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm (again) in anticipation of all of the announcements to come.  Since I did forget, however, I got a nice surprise on a Friday with a new game trailer showing some unbelievably badass demons about to lay down the hurt on the world.  I have no words left for how excited I am for this game.  2012 cannot come fast enough.  Check out the video after the Jump.


Diablo 3 Closed Beta Out Now

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for… the Diablo 3 closed beta is here. And that can only mean one thing: Diablo 3 is less than six months away!

Start putting your finances in order, and notify your friends and family that you’ll be going away, because if Blizzard knows what they’re about and release anything as addictive as Diablo II, you won’t be seen for a while.

See the text of the announcement here.


Perspective on Diablo 3 “Always Online” Saga

There’s been a ton of brouhaha over the requirement that Diablo 3 will require an internet connection to play. Max Schaefer from Runic Games (the makers of Torchlight) had a great interview with Inc Gamers where he discusses his feelings about the Diablo 3 requirements and how they differ from Torchlight 2.

I think Schaefer really hit the nail on the head here – Torchlight 2 and Diablo 3 are trying to do two completely different things. Torchlight 2 is a multiplayer dungeon crawler; Diablo 3 is a (quasi) stateless, free, MMO. It’s worth considering for a second why that makes a difference. Read moreRead more


Diablo Strike 3: No Mods, Always Online, Microtransactions

Further reinforcing my suspicions that it won’t be THE dungeon crawler of 2011, PC Gamer is reporting some very disappointing new facts about Diablo III.  I’m not even really surprised that the threequel will require a constant internet connection or ban LAN play.  Blizzard has demonstrated an increasing disregard for the players/their customers, and there have been signs all along that Diablo III would follow in the footsteps of their other recent releases.

No, what hurts is the microtransactions.  Now, instead of running the most difficult bosses for hours hoping for those epic drops, people will be able to buy themselves better equipped characters and (consequently) spots further up the Ladder, using real world money.  Show me a game that microtransactions have improved, and I’ll show you a…wait.  You can’t show me a game that microtransactions have improved.

As was confirmed yesterday by Runic Games via Twitter, Torchlight 2 “will still support mods, LAN play, and will be a one time purchase” without “subscription fees, item sales, [or] DLC”.

I’ve said it before, but Torchlight II is looking pretty good right about now. What do you guys think?


Throwdown: Torchlight II or Diablo III?

Third and I both recently delved back into the depths under the town of Torchlight.  Though I can’t speak for Third (but I can order for him at restaurants), I have to say I’m even more impressed now than I was the first time I played through the game.  So much so, that, as I told Wade (to his confused mixture of disappointment and disbelief), I am now officially more excited for Torchlight II than I am for Diablo III.

And the music comes to a screeching halt.  Hit the jump to throw it down. Read moreRead more


Updates on Diablo III from its Lead Technical Artist

Hello fellow nerds – I caught this today, and since I’m a glutton for news about Diablo III, I thought I would pass it along.

As you may know, Blizzard’s annual BlizzCon conference was this past weekend, and while we did not have the opportunity to attend (living on the East Coast makes that somewhat difficult),  we can live vicariously through the people who did have the opportunity to attend. It seems a couple of Slashdot editors got an opportunity to sit down with the Diablo III Lead Technical Artist, Julian Love, and ask him some questions. Since I look forward to Diablo III with the same anticipation that I do to my birthday, it’s really awesome to hear a little bit about how the development process is going and the cool stuff Blizzard is concocting.

Here’s a tidbit from the interview: “I used the spell that summons a zombie for you, and I got a rune that turned it into a swarm of bears.” If that doesn’t make you want to play this game, you’re crazy.


Plight of the Independent Game Company

You may have recently noticed Tom’s call to arms about Diablo and Diablo II. I certainly did, and it unfortunately reminded me that I lost a full four Diablo II CD keys before Blizzard allowed storing them electronically on Battle.Net. After considering re-buying a copy of Diablo II, I went to Steam on a quest to find another game that would fulfill my desire for a fun game of a similar caliber (the brilliance of Steam as a game delivery platform is a story for another day).

In my games library, already purchased, I found Torchlight. What could be better? A modern replica of Diablo 2 that I could sink my teeth into, and perhaps immerse myself for at least a little while in the magic of its world. Yet within 30 minutes of hacking and slashing, I realized the fatal flaw – I really really wanted to play multiplayer. I wanted to call up Wade, Tom and Third, and lead a bloody charge into the depths. But I couldn’t.

Read moreRead more


Stay Awhile and Listen…

There are two kinds of people in this world.  Those who immediately recognize the origin of this post’s title and those who don’t.  And, if you’re reading this site, there’s a pretty good chance you’re the former, not the latter.

Read the rest aloud, using your best Deckard Cain impression, after the jump.

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