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Review: Fractal for iPad

A couple of weeks ago, we announced that Cipher Prime‘s Fractal was on sale in anticipation of their launch of the game for the iPad.  The game has since launched, and I have had the chance to take it out for a spin.  This latest offering is every bit as good as previous titles from the Cipher Prime boys, and is, in my opinion, far superior to its original incarnation on the Mac and PC. Read on for my thoughts. Read moreRead more


Limited-Time Loot: Fractal on Sale for $0.99

Remember back in May when we interviewed Cipher Prime Studios and reviewed their newest offering, Pulse for the iPad?  Well if you’re anything like us, after you played Pulse, you went back to the Cipher Prime website and checked out their other titles, which at the time were Fractal (for Mac and PC) and Auditorium (for most platforms out there).  If you aren’t like us, then you didn’t play either of these games yet and missed out on a great time with both.  You also have a distinct advantage, however, since the guys over at Cipher Prime just put Fractal on sale for a mere 99 cents in celebration of tomorrow’s release of the game for iPad.  The sale only goes until tomorrow morning, but for only $0.99, you get the full, DRM-free game, plus you’ll get a code for the game on Steam when it comes out later this year.

Check it out here.

The only question left is why you’re still reading this instead of buying and playing this awesome game.  And stay tuned for our review of Fractal for iPad, coming later this week.


A Nerdcore HipHop Showcase? Hell Yeah!

If you like Adam Warrock, you live anywhere near Philly, or you think nerdcore hip hop is awesome, you might want to checkout this Kickstarter project: An intrepid band of Philadelphia nerds are raising funds to start a Nerdcore Hip Hop Showcase. You can support their project for surprisingly little money (and there are prizes backed by our friends at Cipher Prime).

June 18th, we’re launching Nerdrage, our attempt at creating a Nerdcore Hip-Hop and Chip Music showcase based in the heart of Philadelphia on June 18th.

Our goal is to host a full-on concert featuring local nerdcore and chip artists as a means of generating buzz for the community. We’re looking to raise awareness for the artists, as well as awareness for the music scene as a whole.

Check it out here.


Review: Pulse

As you know, we recently talked to the good fellows from Cipher Prime. For a group that until recently had released only two games, they have a pretty incredible track record (if you haven’t played Auditorium and Fractal, go do so now because you’re missing out).

No really, go play them, then come back and read this.

Now that we’re all on the same page, you understand why I got so excited to hear that Cipher Prime was creating a new game exclusively for the iPad and its magic multitouch screen. That game, Pulse, came out on May 5th. Conveniently I just got an iPad (I promise it had nothing to do with the release of Pulse), so I’ve had the chance to experience it. And let me tell you, it’s deceptively simple, fun, and engaging.

More on the pulse of Pulse.


The Various Incarnations of The Indie Bundle

Are you sick of SecuROM?  Do you dread DRM?  Do you want to buy some great games at ridiculously low prices and, in doing so, support indie video game making?  Put your money where your mouth is and hit the jump.

Read moreRead more