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Review: Star Wars – Agent of the Empire #1

You have to hand it to Star Wars. Thirty four years after its original debut, it’s still the basis for fresh content. The latest is a brand new comic series from Dark Horse entitled Agent of the Empire that hits stores on December 14th.

Focusing on the oft-maligned Imperial perspective, Agent of the Empire tells the story of Jahan Cross, a special agent of sorts. As the introduction reads:

… not every political problem requires military might; not every negotiation depends on a show of force. Sometimes all diplomacy needs to succeed is the right man, in the right place, with the willingness to get the job done.

It’s nice to see the creators focusing on a smaller scope when telling a story from the Imperial perspective. “Star Destroyers blow pirates into oblivion” doesn’t really make for a particularly compelling story, and given that Agent of the Empire is set before the Rebellion really comes into its own there aren’t many Imperial Navy size enemies floating around.

So how is it?


The New 52 Launches Today With Justice League #1

Back in early June, DC announced that coming this fall, they would be rebooting 52 different comics franchises.  This meant that each of them would start over at issue #1 and each storyline would start from zero.  This allows DC to update many characters, origin stories, and events to be more relevant and contemporary.  It also means that new readers to comics will be able to more easily approach a given hero, since they won’t have to be familiar with literally decades of back story to understand a given character.

This reboot starts today with the brand new Justice League issue #1.  I haven’t read it yet, but one would imagine that since it’s the flagship title in this entire relaunch, it will probably be pretty good.  And given that the issue was written and drawn by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee respectively, you can safely make that an almost definitely.  The remaining 51 titles will launch their own issue #1 by the end of September.  I’m particularly looking forward to the Green Lantern run, as it’s also being written by Johns, Chief Creative Officer at DC and writer of previous Green Lantern runs, such as Rebirth and Blackest Night (Johns is writing a number of other titles in the reboot, too, but is best known for his Green Lantern and Flash contributions).

So what about you?  Will you be picking up Justice League #1 today?  Which other series are you looking forward to, and what are your thoughts on the whole reboot?   To the Comments!


The Sexy Side of Strips: Comics Stripped at the Museum of Sex in NYC

Last week I went to check out the exhibit at the Museum of Sex in New York called “Comics Stripped.” I’d heard good things, so I was excited. Upon first entering the exhibit, I found the stereotypical comic tropes of “Wham! Blam!” painted in large letters on the wall. “Oh, great,” I thought, “another superficial treatment of comics.” But then I turned and saw on the opposite wall, similarly painted, “Boing!” and “Ohohoh!” I realized that it was actually a commentary on how sex and comics are both treated superficially, and both are far more subtle and nuanced than the general public assumes. My excitement restored, I explored the rest of the exhibit.

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The Devil Inside

Many of the people who read this blog have heard of, and probably watch, the Totally Rad Show.  If you don’t, then you should, but that’s not what this is about.  During their most recent live episode from San Diego Comic Con, they had a couple guests in Todd Stashwick and Dennis Calero.  It was during this panel that the two announced a new web comic they were producing, called The Devil Inside.  Hit it for all the details.

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