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The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

Sick of superhero movies yet? Yeah, we aren’t either.  With Thor and Green Lantern already released, and Captain America and The Avengers coming up, we have almost satiated our Comic-Hero fix.  And by almost, I mean as close as you can come to satisfying an unquenchable desire.  As we’ve mentioned before, we are quite excited for the new Spider-man remake – The Amazing Spider-ManAnd finally, we get our first glimpses of this version of our web-throwing friend in action.

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Marvel and DC

Top Five: Marvel Actors Who Should Be In DC Movies

Up is down, black is white, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together…mass hysteria!  That’s what it can feel like in the continuity-obsessive comic book world when film adaptations continually cast from the same, relatively limited, stable of actors.  Chris Evans, formerly known as Johnny “The Human Torch” Storm, will be in theaters this summer playing Captain America, another Marvel Comics character.  Ryan Reynolds is not only Hannibal King and Wade Wilson/Deadpool for Marvel, he’s also Hal Jordan for DC.  To make matters worse, these casting decisions often disregard decades of established character history.  Admittedly, some actors were born for certain roles.  To wit, even though Wolverine is listed at 5′ 3″, 6′ 3″ Hugh Jackman’s adamantium skeleton and retractable claws pretty much guaranteed him the part.

Although I was always told not to cross the streams, whether nerds like me like it or not, this cross-universe casting seems here to stay.  So, when life gives you lemons, make a Top Five. Read moreRead more

The Amazing Spiderman

The New Spider-Man Film Will Be Called “The Amazing Spider-Man”

Marvel and Columbia Pictures have just announced that the reboot of the Spider-man film franchise will be called “The Amazing Spider-Man.”  They have also released a new photo of Andrew Garfield in the Spidey Suit, and I have to say, I really like what they are going for here.  As I’ve previously said, I’m very excited to see Garfield’s performance in this role (and Emma Stone is always nice too).  The film is now in production, being shot entirely in 3D, and will be released on July 3rd, 2012.

Hit the jump for the full size picture, as well as the previously released picture of Garfield as Spidey.
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