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What Every Fanboy Wishes Actually Happened to George Lucas

We have a lot of opinions about George Lucas here at NNAR. Most of them aren’t too positive. Actually, none of them are. And as such, we find ourselves in agreement with most Star Wars fans. The general opinion is that the creator of one of our favorite sci-fi universes just completely lost it along the way. But now, in this new trailer from production company Slick Gigolo, lovers of that galaxy far, far away can fantasize that it was a horrible mistake – a mistake that can be fixed.  Live out your most Tarantino-esque revenge fantasies and check out George Lucas Strikes Back after the jump. Read moreRead more


George Lucas: He Must Be Joking

I don’t know how much longer I can take this.  George has got to be having fun with us after all this time, because there’s no way he can be serious with this newest bit of news.  Word is coming in from The Sun that George Lucas is planning to buy the rights to dead actors and digitally place them into modern movies alongside current stars.

…. This man never ceases to amaze me, and I really don’t have any more response than that.


Indiana Jones and the Horrors of 3D Post-Conversion

Here we go again.  We already did a Throwdown on the topic of modifying existing works (and highlighted a certain someone’s willingness to do so).  I had hoped the madness was over.  How young I was back then.  How naive.  While (through repeated exposure) I’ve basically become immune to George Lucas trying to ruin Star Wars, when Indy 4 nuked the fridge, it actually hurt me.  And now, like Achilles dragging the corpse of Hector around the walls of Troy, George Lucas is tying what’s left of the Indy franchise to the back of his chariot and tellin’ them horsies to giddyup.  Play the grieving Priam and beg for the corpse of your beloved son, so that you may give him a proper burial, after the jump.

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Throwdown: When is it Okay to Modify an Existing Work?

A couple of recent events have been the catalyst for this post. First, you may have noticed my recent rant about how George Lucas can’t seem to leave his beloved original Star Wars trilogy alone. Second, all of my posts about The Gunslinger convinced Tom to read it – but he read an earlier edition of the book, which Stephen King revised after he wrote the subsequent ones in the Dark Tower series. Third, I heard recently (and yes, I realize that this is not new but I just heard about it) that they are going back and recoloring some of the early issues of Sandman for the release of Absolute Sandman.

Each of these things involves an artist (using the term loosely) going back and editing their past works. Both Stephen King and George Lucas made the changes that they did for continuity reasons, and the Star Wars and Sandman changes are partly being made to take advantage of the changing technology landscape. Why is it that in some cases we are okay with these revisions, and in others we have problems with them? I have a few thoughts.

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New Version of Star Wars Released – This One is Made of Paper

In this modern age of computers and George Lucas destroying the things we love, it feels like hardly a week goes by without me complaining about the Star Wars franchise in some form or another.  This week, I can put all of that aside, because there is a wonderful new video making its way around the Interwebs.  It seems paper movie maker extraordinaire Eric Power has teamed up with nerdy musician Jeremy Messersmith to produce the music video for Messersmith’s song, “Tatooine.”  The video tells the (heavily cut) story of the original Star Wars trilogy, and is done entirely in stop motion using paper.  The song is really good and has served to put me in a great mood for the rest of the day.  Check it out after the break.

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Star Wars 3D

Anything for a Buck…George Lucas Remaking Star Wars in 3D

I nearly drove off the road on my commute home today when I heard this on the radio. I guess George Lucas is also a fan of Glee, because I can just see him watching last night’s episode and saying “Oops I did it again, I shat on your childhood”. We can all look forward to six “new” Star Wars movies, in 3D, and no doubt 400% more expensive, starting with Episode One: The Phantom Menace. My opinion of this atrocity after the jump. Read moreRead more