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Game of Thrones Season 2 Teaser Trailer Released

If you haven’t figured out by now, we cannot wait until we get more Game of Thrones next spring, and we will cling to any morsel that is released and in some way related to the show.  The teaser trailer for season 2 that was released by HBO last night is no different.  It doesn’t really give us much (and by not much, I mean it gives us nothing at all), but it still sets my heart racing in anticipation. Check it out.


Game of Thrones Making Of CGI Video

I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait for spring 2012, when HBO is bestowing unto me more of the sweet ambrosia that is A Game of Thrones every Sunday night.  There are few stories I am as excited about, so when I saw this video showing how some of the epic scenes from the show looked with and without CGI, it got my blood boiling and ready to jump headfirst back into Westeros.  Beware that it contains some spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the whole first season (and I mean down to the final shot), then these aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Check it out.


Weekend Watch: 7/29/2011

Don’t know what to do this weekend?  Don’t worry, we do.  We’re professionals.  Just copy one of us.

And, for the record, Kriss Kross will make you… jump, jump.


Out Today: A Dance With Dragons by George R. R. Martin

Here at last, a day I feared might never come. The long awaited fifth volume of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire finally hits the shelves today. ‘Finally’ is a good word too – by my count it has been over 2072 days since A Feast For Crows (vol. 4) was released, over five and a half years of waiting and wondering. Head on over to your local bookstore (because you should support local bookstores) and grab a copy of A Dance With Dragons. If you’re lazy, I’m sure Amazon’s got it.

A Dance With Dragons drops at an interesting time and poses some interesting questions. It clearly took a while to write and in the mean time, the excellent HBO series has stirred up massive interest in the books and story. George R. R. Martin is apparently planning to write seven books, but given how long it has taken for just this one, you would be forgiven for wondering if that will come to pass. I have some thoughts on that subject, and ideas on how A Dance With Dragons could give us some clues. Check them out


Weekend Watch – 4/29/2011

So maybe you woke up early this morning to watch the Royal Wedding on TV. Or, maybe you stayed up way too late playing video games and there was no chance you were waking up at 6 AM, like me. Either way, the weekend has now officially begun, and so we humble nerds present to you our plans for the next three days. Well, our plans beside watching Game of Thrones on Sunday, because that’s just a given at this point.

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Review: Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus

As a chronic sci-fi book devourer, I always freak out a bit whenever someone mentions Orson Scott Card.  Images of brilliant 6-year-olds flying through zero-gravity obscure my vision as I hear “The Enemy’s gate is DOWN!” and before I know it I have not eaten or showered in over 30 hours because I was so busy reading and now have bed sores.  Gross.  So anyways, when my buddy lent me Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus I was forced to accept both a deterioration in hygiene and the fact that I was going to get nothing productive done all week. Read moreRead more


Song of Ice and Fire Book 5: Coming July 12th, 2011

The long-awaited next installment in the excellent Song of Ice and Fire saga by George R. R. Martin has been announced. For a little while there I thought HBO might manage to catch up with him at the rate they were being published. Apparently, Mr. Martin is still writing but the date is firm, so hopefully we’re not looking at an EA maneuver (where they set the date and then release whether or not it’s ready). I have faith though, since the Song of Ice and Fire has consistently been one of the best, and certainly the darkest, fantasy series I have ever read. Read moreRead more


HBO Releases New Game Of Thrones Trailer

The second teaser trailer for HBO’s upcoming TV adaptation of the first book in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series has just hit the Interwebs, and while it is only a teaser, I must say I am very excited by the look of it.  As someone who only just recently started reading A Game of Thrones, I am very into this story right now, so the idea of a faithful adaptation sounds great to me.  Read on to see the first and second teaser trailers.

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