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Humble Introversion Bundle

These guys just don’t stop.  Hot on the heels of the last Humble Indie Bundle comes this newest iteration which features some great games from indie studio Introversion.

This bundle features Uplink, DEFCON, Darwinia, and Multwinia.  Anyone who spends more than the average (currently around $3.25) will get  Aquaria and Crayon Physics Deluxe as well.  I own most of these titles already, so I can vouch for their awesomeness. DEFCON and Darwinia are two of the best indie games I’ve ever played.  Also, until you’ve played the Cold War-esque DEFCON on a 35 foot projection screen, you haven’t really lived.  But enough out of me.  Check out the always funny Humble Bundle video after the jump, and then go buy those games. Read moreRead more


The Humble Bundle Is At It Again

It seems the fine folks who are responsible for the many iterations of the Humble Bundle are back at it with a special Halloween edition, of The Humble Voxatron Debut. This time you aren’t really getting a bundle, because there’s only one game, but since you pay what you want, that hardly matters, does it? This newest iteration is for the world premier of Voxatron, which looks pretty awesome in the video on the HB website (and embedded below). This is currently only the alpha version of the game, but Humble Bundle promises that those who buy will receive all future updates (including the final release) for free with purchase.

So go forth and purchase. Support indie gaming, because it’s awesome. And check out the preview video after the Jump.


The Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle

Jeffrey Rosen (@humble) and The Humble Bundle just won’t quit.  Here they go again, offering the world an awesome, DRM free game at the very reasonable pricing of “pay what you want”, with proceeds going to good causes like Child’s Play, EFF, and starving game developers.

In this instance, you’re getting Frozen Synapse, a corresponding Steam code, the game’s soundtrack, AND if you pay more than the sliding average price (currently under $5), you’ll also get The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle.  Twist!

Update:  Trauma has just been added to the Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle.   If you already bought the bundle, you should have it available for download as well.

Check it out.


Humble Indie Bundle #3 Now Available

We’ve waxed poetic about our love for indie games on many occasions, and have featured iterations of the Humble Bundle twice.  So it is with great, DRM-free joy that I bring you the most recent incarnation in this series of great deals on awesome games, the Humble Indie Bundle #3. Read on for some indie game goodness.


The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle

“The Humble Bundle” has twice now given gamers an opportunity to pick up several indie, DRM-free games at a “pay what you want” price while supporting charity.  For those of you keeping score at home, it’s a win-win-win-win scenario.  The third and newest bundle features games developed exclusively by the Finnish company Frozenbyte.  Hit the jump for a trailer and details on which games (and what potential savings) you can get for yourself (or a friend!).

Read moreRead more