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Nuke the Fridge

Indiana Jones and the Horrors of 3D Post-Conversion

Here we go again.  We already did a Throwdown on the topic of modifying existing works (and highlighted a certain someone’s willingness to do so).  I had hoped the madness was over.  How young I was back then.  How naive.  While (through repeated exposure) I’ve basically become immune to George Lucas trying to ruin Star Wars, when Indy 4 nuked the fridge, it actually hurt me.  And now, like Achilles dragging the corpse of Hector around the walls of Troy, George Lucas is tying what’s left of the Indy franchise to the back of his chariot and tellin’ them horsies to giddyup.  Play the grieving Priam and beg for the corpse of your beloved son, so that you may give him a proper burial, after the jump.

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Reed Gunther and the Steak Snacking Snake!

Review: Reed Gunther #1

Cowboys and monsters and bears!  Oh, my!  Shane and Chris Houghton’s creator owned, independently published Reed Gunther just popped up on my radar, and now I’m putting it on yours.  Hit the jump so I can convince you to start reading this.  Like, now.  Not that words should even be required, just look at that cover!

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