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Chrono Trigger Now Available for the iPhone

This news is huge.  Ever since I first got my iPhone and discovered I could purchase and play the original Final Fantasy (and then over time, FF2, FF3, and Secret of Mana), I have been clamoring for Square Enix to release Chrono Trigger, one of the best role playing games of all time.  That day has finally come.   Read moreRead more


Review: The Heist for iPhone

As everyone here knows, I am a lifelong gamer. Since my parents got us our first PC when I was four, I’ve been hooked, having played many, if not most of the major blockbuster titles throughout the years. I generally place these titles into four categories: bad, good, great, and so great I didn’t notice it was 5am. This last category should be self explanatory, but it is basically something so addicting that you don’t even stop long enough to realize that you haven’t stopped in a very long time. This last category is almost exclusively reserved for games created by Sid Meier, specifically the entire Civilization series as well as the lesser-known Alpha Centauri (a very similar title from 1998 set on a planet of the distant star. Go play it sometime). Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised when the latest offering from iPhone developers tap tap tap, The Heist, made its way into this pantheon of titles.
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Dead Space For The iPhone Is Awesome

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a game released with a movie must be terrible.  Be it Iron Man or Harry Potter, the game will suck, and in almost every case, that game will be released by Electronic Arts.  EA, long having drawn the ire of video game fans for churning out little more than sports titles and movie tie-ins, has also recently been adding a third channel of crap to its offerings.  Many games in the more recent EA catalog have been ported to the iPhone/iPad, and everyone I’ve tried so far has sucked.  Until now.

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