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Its a Secret to Everybody

Joss Whedon Is Almost Finished With A Secret Film

I don’t really know how to react to this news, as it is a little too awesome to process.  Joss Whedon has apparently just finished principle photography on a completely secret film project called Much Ado About Nothing, based on the William Shakespeare play of the same name.  Until links to the film website were tweeted out by some of the film’s actors last night, nobody knew this project was even happening.  So let me get this straight:  Joss Whedon adapted one of the most well-known plays of all time into a movie he’s directing and just finished shooting, while at the same time he’s is directing (and wrote!) what will probably be the highest grossing film of next year?  Just…wow.   Check out the full press release (which is worth reading, because it is funny) and casting details after the Jump.

Marvel and DC

Top Five: Marvel Actors Who Should Be In DC Movies

Up is down, black is white, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together…mass hysteria!  That’s what it can feel like in the continuity-obsessive comic book world when film adaptations continually cast from the same, relatively limited, stable of actors.  Chris Evans, formerly known as Johnny “The Human Torch” Storm, will be in theaters this summer playing Captain America, another Marvel Comics character.  Ryan Reynolds is not only Hannibal King and Wade Wilson/Deadpool for Marvel, he’s also Hal Jordan for DC.  To make matters worse, these casting decisions often disregard decades of established character history.  Admittedly, some actors were born for certain roles.  To wit, even though Wolverine is listed at 5′ 3″, 6′ 3″ Hugh Jackman’s adamantium skeleton and retractable claws pretty much guaranteed him the part.

Although I was always told not to cross the streams, whether nerds like me like it or not, this cross-universe casting seems here to stay.  So, when life gives you lemons, make a Top Five. Read moreRead more

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1992

Whedon-less Buffy Re-boot Earns Nearly as Much Nerd Hate as Star Wars Prequels

I thought the nerd anger elicited by Episodes 1-3 was something unique in history.  I thought the outcry over Lucas’ return to the beloved world of Star Wars was destined to be unrivaled by the disgust expressed over any other fanboy/girl event that might come after.  I was wrong.  As I write this, the terms #Joss and #Whedon are trending topics on Twitter, and it ain’t because Whedonite prayers have been answered and Firefly is being brought back to the small screen.  It’s because Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which originally started as a movie written by Whedon, is getting the re-make treatment – and Whedon is in no way involved.

Get a taste of the public protest and more info on the Buffy project after the jump. Read moreRead more

Dollhouse Sleep Chamber

Dollhouse Inspired Music Video Released to Coincide with Season 2 DVD

Dollhouse fans rejoice!  This comes in straight from the Twitterverse, where @MoTancharoen just tweeted out the link to a new music video starring Maurissa Tancharoen and Fran Kranz.  Written by Tancharoen and husband Jed Whedon (brother to the almighty Joss Whedon), the music video features the song “Remains,”  originally featured in the episode “Epitaph One,” the DVD-exclusive season one epilogue.  The song haunted me for days after I first heard it in the episode, and this video has certainly summoned up similar feelings this time around.  It calls up many of the themes and images from Dollhouse, and has served to rile me up all over again about the show being cancelled.  Luckily the DVD for season two has just been released, so I can relive it in all it’s Whedony glory.

For those of you who haven’t seen Joss Whedon’s most recent foray into getting fucked over by Fox television, Dollhouse is definitely worth taking some time out of your weekend to watch.  The series features only 26 episodes, so you can knock it out in only a couple weeks.

Video after the jump.

Read moreRead more

Adam WarRock

Ten Questions: Adam WarRock

Welcome to the inaugural edition of our new feature, Ten Questions, where we find someone awesome, ask them ten questions, and let our readers enjoy what comes back. In fitting fashion, our first subject is none other than a man who is part nerd, part rapper, part inter-galactic superhuman being, and all Adam WarRock.  He goes by Eugene Ahn among us mere mortals, and he was kind enough to sit down and answer our queries in the inaugural installment of Ten Questions.

Eugene decided a few months back to quit his job as a lawyer and commit fully to being a rapper of a wonderfully nerdy variety.  He is the man behind internet hits “Ira Glass” and “Starving Artist,” as well as the West Coast Avengers Mixtape.  His album, The War for Infinity, based loosely upon the Marvel limited series The Infinity Gauntlet, comes out tomorrow, October 7th.  You can hear the first two singles, “The Silver Age” and “Hero’s Requiem,” on his blog,  I had the great opportunity to chat with him face-to-face via the interwebs.  He talked all about his surprising musical inspiration, his thoughts on the best and worst Avengers of all time, and his efforts to usher in the Silver Age of hip hop.

See what the man behind the mic had to say, after the jump. Read moreRead more