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Ten Questions: Natalie Morales

The five of us have often discussed that one of the problems with being huge nerds is that we tend to like television shows that are awesome but misunderstood (Actually, now that I think about it, that’s true of almost everything related to nerd-dom).  The consequence of this is that many of our favorite shows don’t get the opportunity to rise to their full potential.  One such show that was loved by many a nerd was ABC Family’s The Middleman, which you’ve probably seen us mention before.  Fans of the show instantly fell in love with its camp; its comic, movie, and video game reference-filled sense of humor; and its beautiful and snarky lead, Matt Keeslar Natalie Morales.  While this was the first time many of us had seen her, it would thankfully not be the last.  Since her time as middle-sidekick, we’ve seen her in USA’s White Collar, Wall Street 2, and briefly on NBC’s Parks & Recreation.  She’s got some new stuff coming out, and we were thrilled when she agreed to sit down with us and answer some hard-hitting questions celebrity duel questions.  So read on.  I think you’ll agree that her responses are sheer elegance in their simplicity.

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Interrodroid Lives!

Despite being destroyed at an alarming frequency, the Interrodroids have always been the unsung heroes of Middleman HQ.  But, following the unceremonious and unjust cancellation of the show, the fate of the Interrodroid was uncertain at best.  Imagine my surprise when I spotted a familiar face at approx. 27 seconds in the following national advertisement campaign.  For one more thing, thank you, Alec Baldwin.

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Middlefans Rejoice! Natalie Morales and Brit Morgan in a new Video Together

Like any geek boys, we here at NNAR have certain ladies of whom we simply cannot get enough. Natalie Morales is one of those ladies. We first saw her in the summer of 2008 in ABC Family’s short-lived and vastly under appreciated show, The Middleman. Since then we have seen her in a couple of other things, most notably her role as Special Agent Lauren Cruz on USA’s White Collar. You can see why I got excited when her twitter account promised something “she was excited to show us” in the near future.  And, as promised, a couple days later she delivered.   On her Tumblr page she posted news about the new music video she is in for David Lynch’s new project.  Not only is she in this video, but she is in this video with Brit Morgan, who played her roommate Lacey on The Middleman.

The embed link doesn’t seem to be working, so find the video here.