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Sam Waterston Joins Aaron Sorkin’s Latest

The man, the myth, the legend, Sam Waterston has officially joined Aaron Sorkin‘s upcoming television show, a cable news anchor drama tentatively titled More As This Story Develops.  Like every previous Sorkin show, this one will give us a behind the scenes look at the hectic life of an occupation that you probably wouldn’t want to see a television show about if it wasn’t written by Aaron Sorkin.  Jeff Daniels will star as the aforementioned anchor while Waterston will play his boss.  While details on the production are scarce, here’s what we do know: people will walk and talk (quickly, in both cases), friends will become enemies, enemies will become friends, it will make us laugh, it will make us cry, and it will get cancelled because it’s too “smart”.

What’s that, Virginia?  No, I’m not still bitter about Studio 60.

Really, I’m just pumped to see Sam Waterston in a new role.  In the same way that Pinocchio had Jiminy Cricket, and True Romance‘s Clarence had Val Kilmer’s Elvis, in times of great stress or adversity I am often comforted by the wise words of Jack “Hang ‘Em High” McCoy.  Remember, “There’s no statute of limitations on murder”.