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The (Electro-)Force Will Be With You

There’s no other way to put this – we found an electro-house remix of “Binary Suns” by John Williams from the Star Wars: A New Hope soundtrack. This will greatly please some, enrage others (Tom will probably fall into the latter category), but it will intrigue nearly everyone. So hit the jump and take a listen. And may the (electro-)Force be with you. Read moreRead more


NYCC: Day 2 Recap

Friday was the first day of New York Comic Con that was open to the majority of the general public (those who paid extra for VIP passes got access for a little while on Thursday), and my was it busy.  The Javits Convention Center was packed to the gills with cosplayers, creators, fanpersons (we are nothing if not PC at NNAR), and even us humble members of the press.  While we aren’t able to be everywhere at once, we did try to get around and see what we anticipated to be some of the cooler stuff today.  Check out the highlights after The Jump. Read moreRead more


Little Kid Learns Vader Is Luke’s Father and Reminds Us Why Star Wars is Great

Here at NNAR, a lot of us are jaded as hell about Star Wars, and wish George Lucas would just go away. And we think that we’re pretty representative of the Star Wars community as a whole. But every once in a while, a day comes when something reminds us why we became so passionate about the whole thing in the first place. Today is one of those days. Watch a four-year-old boy experience the mind-blowing amazingness of Star Wars in a way that we cynical types have long forgotten about, courtesy of io9,  after the jump.

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A Long Time Ago, On a T-Shirt Available Only For a Day

We here at NNAR love t-shirts, and we also love The one-a-day t-shirt site continually produces some great shirts to make us laugh, cry, or explode with nerd-like excitement. Today’s shirt takes the familiar bumper sticker design of a stick-figure family, often seen on SUVs and minivans, and gives it a twist from everyone’s favorite galaxy far, far away. I’m a huge fan of simple, subtle designs, so this shirt is right up my alley. It doesn’t scream Star Wars – it says it quietly with a knowing smile. However, as always, Teefury shirts are only available for one day, and then they’re gone. So get on it, ya scruffy nerf-herders!


Pull Up, You Fools!

Hot on the heels of other great Star Wars fun, Evan Ferstenfeld and Davide Zampedri, courtesy of shirt.woot, bring us “Pull Up, You Fools!”.  Really, no explanation should be necessary.

Find the shirt here, but only for the next 24 hours.

And, yes, it’s a trap.


Star Wars Themed Restaurant Menu

About a year ago, some friends and I came up with the hypothetical of opening a Star Wars themed restaurant. We started riffing on some potential menu items. Then we kept going. The following is what we’ve come up with, arranged into a menu. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

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Comic Con

Comic Con 2011 Tickets… Still Not On Sale

Apparently you can’t get your ticketing system to work properly, even if you have all of the stormtroopers in the United States.  ComicCon 2011 tickets were supposed to go on sale November 1st, and the demand promptly crashed their servers.  They rescheduled the ticket sales to resume today, but apparently identified a Wookie in the wiring, and have had to reschedule again.  ComicCon 2011 sales will begin again at 6:00 am PST on November 22nd, and tickets can be purchased here.

Since I can’t tell you to go buy tickets yet, let me tell you why you should. Read moreRead more


Throwdown: When is it Okay to Modify an Existing Work?

A couple of recent events have been the catalyst for this post. First, you may have noticed my recent rant about how George Lucas can’t seem to leave his beloved original Star Wars trilogy alone. Second, all of my posts about The Gunslinger convinced Tom to read it – but he read an earlier edition of the book, which Stephen King revised after he wrote the subsequent ones in the Dark Tower series. Third, I heard recently (and yes, I realize that this is not new but I just heard about it) that they are going back and recoloring some of the early issues of Sandman for the release of Absolute Sandman.

Each of these things involves an artist (using the term loosely) going back and editing their past works. Both Stephen King and George Lucas made the changes that they did for continuity reasons, and the Star Wars and Sandman changes are partly being made to take advantage of the changing technology landscape. Why is it that in some cases we are okay with these revisions, and in others we have problems with them? I have a few thoughts.

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New Version of Star Wars Released – This One is Made of Paper

In this modern age of computers and George Lucas destroying the things we love, it feels like hardly a week goes by without me complaining about the Star Wars franchise in some form or another.  This week, I can put all of that aside, because there is a wonderful new video making its way around the Interwebs.  It seems paper movie maker extraordinaire Eric Power has teamed up with nerdy musician Jeremy Messersmith to produce the music video for Messersmith’s song, “Tatooine.”  The video tells the (heavily cut) story of the original Star Wars trilogy, and is done entirely in stop motion using paper.  The song is really good and has served to put me in a great mood for the rest of the day.  Check it out after the break.

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Ten Questions: Adam WarRock

Welcome to the inaugural edition of our new feature, Ten Questions, where we find someone awesome, ask them ten questions, and let our readers enjoy what comes back. In fitting fashion, our first subject is none other than a man who is part nerd, part rapper, part inter-galactic superhuman being, and all Adam WarRock.  He goes by Eugene Ahn among us mere mortals, and he was kind enough to sit down and answer our queries in the inaugural installment of Ten Questions.

Eugene decided a few months back to quit his job as a lawyer and commit fully to being a rapper of a wonderfully nerdy variety.  He is the man behind internet hits “Ira Glass” and “Starving Artist,” as well as the West Coast Avengers Mixtape.  His album, The War for Infinity, based loosely upon the Marvel limited series The Infinity Gauntlet, comes out tomorrow, October 7th.  You can hear the first two singles, “The Silver Age” and “Hero’s Requiem,” on his blog,  I had the great opportunity to chat with him face-to-face via the interwebs.  He talked all about his surprising musical inspiration, his thoughts on the best and worst Avengers of all time, and his efforts to usher in the Silver Age of hip hop.

See what the man behind the mic had to say, after the jump. Read moreRead more