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The Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle

Jeffrey Rosen (@humble) and The Humble Bundle just won’t quit.  Here they go again, offering the world an awesome, DRM free game at the very reasonable pricing of “pay what you want”, with proceeds going to good causes like Child’s Play, EFF, and starving game developers.

In this instance, you’re getting Frozen Synapse, a corresponding Steam code, the game’s soundtrack, AND if you pay more than the sliding average price (currently under $5), you’ll also get The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle.  Twist!

Update:  Trauma has just been added to the Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle.   If you already bought the bundle, you should have it available for download as well.

Check it out.


Review: Bastion

Proper story’s supposed to start at the beginning. Ain’t so simple with this one.
Now here’s a kid whose whole world got all twisted, leaving him stranded on a rock in the sky.

If I told you that was the narration for the opening sequence to a game, would you get excited? You should, because that’s exactly how Bastion starts. It’s a live action RPG available on Xbox Live Arcade for about 2000 Microsoft points (that’s about 30 wampum beads for those of you who like made up currency, $15 for those who do not), and it is excellent. Editors Note: As of August 16th, Bastion is also available for Steam.

Bastion shows that in the world of multi-million dollar blockbuster games like Modern Warfare 2 (which is honestly just so-so), a great game can be made that retails at a much lower price point. All it requires is a little innovative thinking and playfulness. The result is a game that’s intriguing, fun to play, and supremely casual. This isn’t Oblivion, which more resembles a garden out the back of your house – requires constant tending and you’re never quite finished with it. No indeed, Bastion is more like a game of pickup basketball – you play it when you feel like it, when you have a moment to spare, and you enjoy yourself when you do.

The details.


Weekend Watch: 7/29/2011

Don’t know what to do this weekend?  Don’t worry, we do.  We’re professionals.  Just copy one of us.

And, for the record, Kriss Kross will make you… jump, jump.


Daily Deal: Get Trine for $1.99 on Steam

We adore indie games round about these parts. We especially adore indie games that are dirt cheap. So, I was very excited to find the Best Downloadable Game of E3 2009 (according to Gamespot) on Steam for $1.99 today. If you run over to Steam and grab Trine in the next 18 hours, you can get it for less than three horses and a jackalope. Which is to say… ridiculously cheap.

We first mentioned Trine in our coverage of the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle back in April.  It’s also available for the Mac. I’m not sure if this has always been the case, or if that’s a recent phenomenon. Either way, win for all the hipster nerds out there.


Buy Games, Not Socks

It’s no secret that we here at NNAR are fans of indie games.  For a limited time only, you can snag yourself quite a deal with the 5 for $5 Bundle.  Five games, DRM free, with all proceeds going directly to their starving, indie developers.

All of the games will come with download links and with redemption codes for Desura (4 of 5) and Steam (1 of 5).  Lauded RPG hybrid Delve Deeper costs $5 on Steam anyway, so you can look at it as getting a pretty cool $5 game and 4 other pretty cool games for free.

Official trailer after the jump.

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The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle

“The Humble Bundle” has twice now given gamers an opportunity to pick up several indie, DRM-free games at a “pay what you want” price while supporting charity.  For those of you keeping score at home, it’s a win-win-win-win scenario.  The third and newest bundle features games developed exclusively by the Finnish company Frozenbyte.  Hit the jump for a trailer and details on which games (and what potential savings) you can get for yourself (or a friend!).

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Digital “Ownership” and the Grim Consequences Thereof

Chris, Wade, Third, and I (our powers combined, we are NNAR!), have had several lengthy discussions about the (often frustrating) implementations of DRM in video games, ebooks, digital comics, etc.  Chris and I were even working on a long gestating Throwdown, tentatively to be titled “Who Owns the Video Games you Buy?”.  Lo and behold, our laziness did not pay off.  David Brothers over at Comics Alliance beat us to the punch and wrote a pretty great examination of the state of digital comics today, entitled “Do You Really Own Your Digital Comics?”.  And, though he only focuses on comics, many of the themes he touches on can be applied, to some extent, to pretty much every digital media format in existence.  I strongly encourage everyone to check it out here.  Knowledge is power.


Throwdown: Torchlight II or Diablo III?

Third and I both recently delved back into the depths under the town of Torchlight.  Though I can’t speak for Third (but I can order for him at restaurants), I have to say I’m even more impressed now than I was the first time I played through the game.  So much so, that, as I told Wade (to his confused mixture of disappointment and disbelief), I am now officially more excited for Torchlight II than I am for Diablo III.

And the music comes to a screeching halt.  Hit the jump to throw it down. Read moreRead more


The Various Incarnations of The Indie Bundle

Are you sick of SecuROM?  Do you dread DRM?  Do you want to buy some great games at ridiculously low prices and, in doing so, support indie video game making?  Put your money where your mouth is and hit the jump.

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