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The Gunslinger

Review: The Gunslinger

I know I’m breaking NNAR tradition, being someone other than Chris writing about The Dark Tower.  But, as Roland would say, the world moves on.  And, credit where credit’s due, Chris is the one responsible for getting me started on this series.  On a side note, about a year ago, Chris also lent me his copy of A Game of Thrones.  Picking up on a pattern?

If you’re thinking about following The Man in Black (who is revealed to be neither Will Smith nor Tommy Lee Jones) across the desert, hit the jump to find out if it’s worth all the trouble.

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Question Mark

Throwdown: When is it Okay to Modify an Existing Work?

A couple of recent events have been the catalyst for this post. First, you may have noticed my recent rant about how George Lucas can’t seem to leave his beloved original Star Wars trilogy alone. Second, all of my posts about The Gunslinger convinced Tom to read it – but he read an earlier edition of the book, which Stephen King revised after he wrote the subsequent ones in the Dark Tower series. Third, I heard recently (and yes, I realize that this is not new but I just heard about it) that they are going back and recoloring some of the early issues of Sandman for the release of Absolute Sandman.

Each of these things involves an artist (using the term loosely) going back and editing their past works. Both Stephen King and George Lucas made the changes that they did for continuity reasons, and the Star Wars and Sandman changes are partly being made to take advantage of the changing technology landscape. Why is it that in some cases we are okay with these revisions, and in others we have problems with them? I have a few thoughts.

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The Dark Tower

… And the Gunslinger Followed

I was recently convinced to read Stephen King’s The Gunslinger by a coworker. (No doubt many of the fantasy fans out there are now wondering if there is something wrong with me because I required convincing.)

I was wary of picking it up – I have read a fair amount of fantasy books and so I am acutely aware that some of them are fantastic, and quite a few of them are truly horrendous. I’ve also never been a huge fan of Stephen King. Suffice to say that I was completely wrong. The Dark Tower series is one of the best fantasy series I have ever read, right up there with the Wheel of Time and the Song of Ice and Fire.

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