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Someone Old, Someone New: Detective Comics #3

Is third time really the charm? Last month’s issue of Detective Comics left both of us wanting more. With such a strong start in issue #1, our hopes have been high that the return to greatness will come sooner as opposed to later (…if it comes at all).  With Tom as Someone Old and Jon as Someone New, we resume our quest in search of the brilliant Detective Comics turnaround.

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Review: Wonder Woman #2

Widely heralded as one of the best of DC’s New 52, Chiang’s and Azzarello’s Wonder Woman combines costumed superheroics with mythological horror.  Azzarello’s initial description of the book as “horror” gave many pause, but that unlikely combination of genres has proven to be a decidedly successful one.  And, while some of DC’s New 52 slipped in quality this month, Wonder Woman is holding the line at excellent.  Spoilers to follow.

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Someone Old, Someone New: Detective Comics #2

So you worked yourself up into a New 52 fever and bought every debut issue you could get your hands on.  Now, the adrenaline high of seeing so many new titles simultaneously has worn off, and you’re wondering which are still worth pulling.  And, since no one other than Bruce Wayne can afford to buy all 75 Batman titles DC puts out, you’re going to have to make some Bat-Choices.

Does Detective Comics suffer from a sophomore slump?  Or does it remain a perpetual paragon of parables?  Should you keep consuming this classic chronicle?  The dynamic duo of Tom and Jon, the Boy Wonder, are back to let you know!  Same nerd time, same nerd channel!

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Review: Animal Man #2

Generally speaking, we’ve been quite impressed with DC’s New 52. When I checked out Animal Man #1 a couple weeks ago, I was really intrigued. Jeff Lemire and Travel Foreman did a really good job setting up a superhero who was also clearly a human being. At the end of that first issue, they had effectively established the hero and begun to set up a larger story arc – it was heading in an intriguing but pretty standard direction.

So I was surprised when the second issue took a bit of a turn into left field. Inevitably, I’m going to give up some details, so if you haven’t read Animal Man #1, stop reading this post and go read that issue.

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Someone Old, Someone New: Detective Comics #1

Say what you will about the recognizability or historical significance of any other DC Comics character, but there’s only one whose book the company named themselves after.  And it ain’t this one.  After Detective Comics #27 introduced “The Bat-Man” in May of 1939, he soon became the star of the title and, arguably, the company’s most successful character.  As much as we were looking forward to, and have been pleasantly surprised by, several titles in DC’s The New 52, there was never any doubt that the entire endeavor would succeed or fail based on the strength of one comic.  Haven’t checked it out yet?  Leave it to Someone Old (Tom) and Someone New (Jon) to convince you why you should.

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Review: Animal Man #1

First off, I’ll straight up admit that I’ve never been a huge fan of comics in the form of issues. I’m not sure if it’s the irritation at not being able to finish a story in one sitting, or the fact that all of the existing issues have usually been running for years and I wasn’t interested in figuring out the back story.

I’ll also straight up admit that Animal Man #1 has changed that. Shout out to Tom who suggested I go read it, and to DC for rebooting the new 52. I had no idea who Animal Man was until about an hour ago, but none of that matters. I’m in on the ground floor and I’m hooked.

Why you should read Animal Man…


Review: Wonder Woman #1

In the entire DC pantheon, perhaps no character was more deserving or more in need of a relaunch/reboot than Wonder Woman.  Although she’s officially considered part of the Trinity, it’s not exactly breaking news that Wonder Woman has often, if not always, been the distant third in DC’s big three (not to be confused with Studio 60‘s big three).  I was excited when the creative team of Cliff Chiang and Brian Azzarello was announced and even more excited when Azzarello described the title as a mythological “horror book”.  For a character I had very little invested in, Wonder Woman had somehow become my most anticipated book of The New 52.

So how did they do?

Before we can jump into the new book, I think it’s important to take stock of both the character’s history and of DC’s recent turmoils, as both inform my (and, I would assume, many other comic book readers’) reactions to and reception of the new Wonder Woman.  Gird your loins, it’s about to get real.

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Someone Old, Someone New: Action Comics #1

Welcome back to Someone Old, Someone New. If you don’t know the drill by now, here’s how it works: you’ll get two perspectives on one of the bigger events in contemporary comics: DC’s universe reboot in the New 52. First, you’ll get a new-comer’s opinion (Jon), and find out just how much DC’s attempts at appealing to new readers are succeeding.  Then, you’ll get the opinion of someone who’s familiar with the DC Universe (in this case, Third), who will assess how these changes rate among comics today.  So, if there are no other questions: Third and Jon’s review of Action Comics #1.


Someone Old, Someone New: Justice League #1

Someone borrowed, someone blue? Nice guess, but no: what we’re doing here is hopefully something you’ll find new and interesting and unique. We’re taking on DC’s New 52, from both the perspective of a veteran reader of comics and that of a new-comer to the super-hero genre. Jon will be taking on the task of providing that all-important new reader opinion – all-important because it is precisely that demographic that DC has bet the house on. One of the rest of us (or maybe all of us, if we want to gang up on the new guy at some point) will give the old hand’s opinion of the reboot. Third will be providing that perspective to start. We have decided to kick this off with the first issue of the New 52, Justice League #1, so without further ado… Third and Jon’s tandem review of Justice League #1.


The New 52 Launches Today With Justice League #1

Back in early June, DC announced that coming this fall, they would be rebooting 52 different comics franchises.  This meant that each of them would start over at issue #1 and each storyline would start from zero.  This allows DC to update many characters, origin stories, and events to be more relevant and contemporary.  It also means that new readers to comics will be able to more easily approach a given hero, since they won’t have to be familiar with literally decades of back story to understand a given character.

This reboot starts today with the brand new Justice League issue #1.  I haven’t read it yet, but one would imagine that since it’s the flagship title in this entire relaunch, it will probably be pretty good.  And given that the issue was written and drawn by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee respectively, you can safely make that an almost definitely.  The remaining 51 titles will launch their own issue #1 by the end of September.  I’m particularly looking forward to the Green Lantern run, as it’s also being written by Johns, Chief Creative Officer at DC and writer of previous Green Lantern runs, such as Rebirth and Blackest Night (Johns is writing a number of other titles in the reboot, too, but is best known for his Green Lantern and Flash contributions).

So what about you?  Will you be picking up Justice League #1 today?  Which other series are you looking forward to, and what are your thoughts on the whole reboot?   To the Comments!