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Weekend Watch: 6/3/2011

They’re here.” Don’t check under your house for a Native American burial ground, and don’t go calling the Exorcist just yet – our Weekend Watch went on hiatus, but just because we’re back doesn’t mean you should suspect the supernatural. Maybe just the evolutionary – X-Men: First Class will most likely be high atop all our lists for the next three days, but we’ll give you a taste of some other especially nerdy plans we’ve concocted for the weekend. Read moreRead more


Weekend Watch – 3/4/2011

To this day I’m not sure why TGI Fridays thought that was a good name for a restaurant, but the sentiment still stands. It’s time to sit down, drink some nice cold beer (we have apple juice for you young whippersnappers), and PLAY SOME HALO. Or your weird farming game. Whatever you like.

We’ll let you know the cool stuff we plan to check out this weekend and we’d love to hear from our readers.

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Weekend Watch – 2/18/2010

Yup.  Just like that it’s the weekend all over again, and time for another Weekend Watch.  After what has been a hellish week for many of us, the chance to kick back and relax with some comics and video games could not come at a better time.  Read on to see what we are up to this weekend, and be sure to chime in with your own plans in the comments.

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